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Massage Chair Buyers Guide

Ultimate Massage Chair Buyers Guide

Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine providing many health benefits such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, increase in relaxation, and the lowering of blood pressure. Various forms of massage therapy are proven to be helpful and necessary to human health. Science has shown the benefits of endorphins in the system, and massage chairs are excellent in providing those benefits.

What is a massage chair?

The History of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have many origin stories, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly how they came about. Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References can be found in several ancient writings across the world. Massage therapy has been depicted on Japanese block prints. Ancient Egyptian societies performed massages with the belief that it would help the body achieve a state of calm and harmony as well as help to fight off demons, viruses, and infection.

Common Chair Features

It’s exciting having a massage chair and getting to discover all of its unique features to give you the ultimate massage experience every time. Here, we detail the most common, and some new features you could have with your massage chair. From precise body scanning technology for a personal massage to chromotherapy, we’re here to inform you of all the great features you are sure to enjoy with your massage chair.

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    2D vs 3D vs 4D Massage Rollers
  • sl-track illustration
    All About Tracks
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    Body Scanning Page
  • airbag locations
    Airbag Compression Massage
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    Adjustable Intensity
  • lumbar heat theropy location
    Heat Therapy
  • zero gravity recline position
    Zero Gravity
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    Foot & Calf Massage
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    Space Saving
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    Bluetooth Functionality
  • chromotheropy color range
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    Wireless Charging

Massage Programs

While enjoying your massage, you want to be in control, and customize your moment of relaxation as you choose. Luckily massage chairs offer a variety of programmed options for you to navigate during your massage session. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage to alleviate tension in the muscles, or reflexology to calmly rejuvenate the soles of your feet, our massage chairs are sure to do the job, and you can learn more here about the various massage programs that are available.

sweedish massage techniques

The most common type of massage is Swedish. It uses soft, long, kneading strokes as well as light, rhythmic, tapping on topmost layers of muscles. It is designed to manipulate the muscles and joints. By relieving tension, a Swedish massage can be simultaneously relaxing and revitalizing. It can also help with injury recovery. -Read More

seep tissue massage techiques

Deep tissue massage is executed through the use of firm pressure and slow strokes that are meant to reach deeper into the muscle and fascia, the connective tissue surrounding your muscles. The main purpose of a deep tissue massage is to ease chronic aches and pain like a stiff neck or upper back, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. -Read More

reflexology massage techniques

Reflexology is a massage technique used on the feet, hands, and ears that involves applying different amounts of pressure to stimulate certain areas of the body and relieve tension. It’s based on a belief that these body parts are connected to certain organs and systems. Reflexologists assert that applying pressure to these areas offers a range of health benefits. In massage chairs, you’ll typically find this in the form of reflexology massage rollers in the footrest. -Read More

Shiatsu massage techniques

If you’ve been perusing our site or studying massage, you’ve probably seen Shiatsu among the many different types of massage therapy, but you may not know what it entails. What is Shiatsu massage exactly, and how does it help the body? Shiatsu originated in Japan and was based on traditional Chinese medicine with elements of Western therapies, according to the Shiatsu Society. It is designed to help the body heal itself. -Read More

Tapping massage techniques

Tapping, also referred to as percussion massage, is a treatment for soft tissue pain and soreness through the use of rapid, short-duration pulses or taps that reach deep into the soft tissues of the body. -Read More

Kneading Massage Technique

Kneading is a massage technique where pressure is applied to both the top and innermost layers of muscle. Kneading is a common technique that can treat tight muscles, improve flexibility, and lessen pain. It can also be used to reduce stress and anxiety. -Read More

Stretching Massage Technique

The good news is that stretching can help keep your body limber, but not all of us are able to incorporate regular stretching into our daily lives. For most of us, finding five minutes to think is hard enough let alone driving to a yoga class or physical therapist. So, why not try it out in your massage chair -Read More

Choosing the Right Chair/The Right Fit

Choosing the right massage chair is vital to the perfect massage experience. We want to be sure you get the most out of your money when deciding which massage chair is best for you.
Customers tend to forgo the possibility that their choice of a massage chair should include their physique. There are massage chairs designed perfectly for various body types, even a handful of massage chairs in our stock, are accustomed to support larger users, and petite users specifically.

This page details massage chairs that uniquely accommodate various body types, as well as financing options so you have a choice in how you pay for your new massage chair.

Best Massage Chairs for Small users

Which Chair Is Best for the Smaller User?

If you're anything like me, you're not tall. That can mean that some of the bigger massage chairs don't fit you as well as others. Many may believe that a large massage chair is fit to seat all sizes, but that’s not necessarily true. A massage chair fit to size maintains a secure massage so that the user can experience the effects of the chair from head to toe.

Best massage Chairs for Big and Tall Users

Which Chair Is Best for the Larger User?

People come in different shapes and sizes. That’s a fact. We need our massage chairs to be able to accommodate us, no matter our size. When it comes to finding the best big and tall massage chairs, it can be a bit tricky. But that’s why we’re here.

Massage chair financing


We know it may be difficult to spend money on high-quality massage chairs, but we have options for you to make it easier and possible to still get the chair you want, without having to pay the full retail price upfront. Below we have a variety of financing options. From Synchrony Financial, Affirm, and Snap Financing, you can get the massage chair you want without being burdened by the full price today.

Health Benefits

General massage therapy is wonderful in alleviating muscle tension and providing overall great health benefits when used. This page highlights the variety of ways massage chairs can support users with various health conditions, from injury, to back pain, to pregnancy, read more on how a massage chair can work best for you.

Massage & Health

Massage chairs, although a luxury, they are essential to self-care and provide quite a few healthful benefits to those that purchase them. As you may already know massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress and improve relaxation and well-being. Having a massage chair in your home allows you access to these benefits whenever you feel the need.

Massage & Injury

Dealing with an injury is absolutely no fun, trust me I know. No matter how it happened, you want to recover fast. Often, when you are recovering your physician will prescribe physical therapy and massage, and having a massage chair can be extremely beneficial and convenient. In fact, your massage chair could be the key to a quicker recovery.

Massage Chairs & Pregnancy

If you’re using a massage chair or considering purchasing one, but you’re concerned about using it if you become pregnant, no need to worry. Plus, just like getting a massage from a therapist, as long as you follow the safety precautions, you can enjoy a lovely massage to ease those aches and pains.

Massage & Back Pain

Back pain and everyday aches can be incredibly uncomfortable and keep you from enjoying life to the fullest, and even being productive. When we’re in pain each day, focusing on work and life activities is near impossible.

Caring for your Massage Chair

Massage Chair Matinence

We want to be sure you enjoy your massage chair for a long time. There’s a variety of techniques we’ve employed and hope to share with users here, on how to maintain a clean, usable, and “like-new” chair for an extended period of time. Read more below on massage chair maintenance.


Massage Chair Warranties

The warranty of a massage chair usually covers parts and labor, but the length of a warranty can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most warranties can be extended up to five years. We provide an extended warranty that can be purchased separately and on some chairs is available for no charge.

Manufacturer's vs. Extended Warranties

Some massage chair manufacturers only replace or repair the chair during the first year. You’ll have to look closely at the warranty of each manufacturer.

Massage Chair Brands

There are a host of different massage chairs, and they all belong to different brands. No matter what massage chair you choose, we’re sure you will be entirely satisfied. We know you’re curious to understand what makes one brand different from the next, so below, we’ve highlighted each brand so you have a better idea of their products and what they offer.