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Learning Center - Massage Chair Maintenance Guide

massage chair maintenance guide

Protect Your Investment in Your New Massage Chair, Take Care of It

Massage chairs are one of the most significant home furniture purchases you can make. Plus, since you sit in them regularly they are more prone to wear and tear, like a couch or recliner. After months of regular use without any care or cleaning, your chair might not look so pristine anymore.

Keep your chair in tip-top shape by following the simple cleaning and storage tips we collected below.

How to Maintain a Massage Chair

Cleaning Tips For A Massage Chair

Leather or fabric upholstery needs to be treated lightly and cleaned gently to ensure it stays in good shape. However, most products these days are made from synthetic leather or vinyl upholstery and these will need their own type of treatment.

To make sure you clean the chair thoroughly, pay the most attention to the areas that come into contact with exposed skin and hair as well as the seat since this area can get sweaty through your clothing. You’ll typically want to focus on the arm, neck, and head areas. To clean your massage chair:

  • If you can remove any of the upholstery or cushions, do so. This will help you to clean those areas, and if needed, get into the corners and crevices underneath.
  • Clean those piece thoroughly away from the chair. That way you don’t have to worry about any cleaners getting inside the chair where you don’t want them.
  • Sweep out any dirt or animal hairs in the nooks and crannies.
  • When your chair is made with natural or delicate materials, use a mild soap with water to clean the surface. Don’t use acidic solutions or submerge any pieces in water. Using a spray bottle is the best bet. That way you won’t risk soaking any of the fabric, and it will dry quicker.
  • After spraying, rub the fabric dry using a damp cloth. Don’t let the soap dry on the chair. It could leave spots or damage the product. If you do see any spots, rub them away with the damp cloth.
  • Allow the chair to dry and don’t put a piece that’s still wet back on the chair.
  • With everything dry, you can replace all the pieces, and you’re good to go!

If you’re chair doesn’t require as thorough a cleaning, just run a damp cloth over the entire thing and let it dry. This can work as a suitable in-between-cleanings step to keep your chair in good condition.

Oiling Your Massage Chair

massage chair maintenance guide coconut oil

If your massage chair is made from natural materials, like leather, they will likely need regular oiling to keep them soft so that they don’t crack. There are special leather oils available, and if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can get scented oil as well. Or you can use something as simple as coconut oil. Just don't use too much of either. A little goes a long way.

Whatever natural fabric is used, you’ll need to clean it first before you oil it. You can use the above methods to do so.

Once clean, massage a moderate amount of oil over the entire chair and wait for it to absorb. You can wipe away any excess. Also, don’t use petroleum oil if there are rubber parts as petroleum oil damages rubber.

Other Tips & Tricks

Store your massage chair out of direct sunlight. Exposure for long periods of time can cause fading and cracking. It’s also a good idea to avoid eating and drinking in the chair since spills are a greater possibility.

Using the chair regularly can help keep the internal machinery working properly. If you’re using it after a long period, you may want to contact a technician to ensure it will function correctly.

Mind the weight capacity and don’t hold extra items while receiving a massage. Don’t run the chair if you hear any strange sounds and contact the manufacturer right away.

Parting Thoughts

Massage chairs are an investment and the better you treat them, the better they will serve your needs. When you keep the outside looking pristine, you keep the inside from experiencing any issues as a result. By using the above methods to clean and care for your chair, you’ll be ensuring your investment lasts as long as it possibly can.

Think of it this way, you'd take the time to clean and maintain your car, right? Do the same for your massage chair.

massage chair maintenance guide cleaning car

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