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Learning Center - Body Scanning

body scanning massage chair features learning center

Starting Scan. Scan Complete.

When you’re looking at massage chairs nearly every model released today offers body scanning. This feature is a useful one because it allows the chair to pinpoint your size and shape to provide a personalized massage. But how does it work?

That’s what we’re here to show you. Firstly, there are two types of body scanning, but both involve height. However, no body scanning involves weight or width.

Back Scan

The roller mechanism in the back of the chair which performs the kneading, tapping, and combination massage also has a sensor which detects pressure. As it rolls up/down your back it will reach the crest of your shoulders. Here, it won’t read any pressure. The chair will mark this at the top of its massage cycle and will stop here based on the individual's height.

When you’re sitting in the chair, it knows where your bottom is, so all it needs to measure is where your shoulders are. It really is that simple. The chair will use this measurement to guide its width settings as well. If you need to make adjustments there is typically a way to do so from the remote.



Leg Length Scan

A few massage chairs place a button on the side or on the remote that allows you to move the ottoman in or out to fit your leg length. This is called motorized movement. There are typically three types of massage chairs with a foot massage feature- motorized movement, spring movement, and mechanical scanning. Since leg length differs based on your height, the ottoman must accommodate somehow.

In other chairs, you push down with your feet to extend the ottoman. This typically isn’t difficult and are referred to as spring loaded ottomans. In mechanical scanning, the ottoman will automatically move up until it senses pressure pushing down. This is often referred to on our site as automatic leg adjustment. This is becoming an increasingly popular option. 


Which Ones Are The Best?

Motorized ottomans can be enjoyable, however, you might end up going back and forth between relaxing and using the remote to adjust the length. Plus, they add weight and cost to a chair.When it comes to the back scanning feature, 3D and 4D chairs have some of the most advanced scanning technology. Because they can sense forward pressure, many of the chairs are able to adjust their massage based on your spinal curvature. These are also typically the most expensive, but the comfort and precision are often worth the price.

Spring movement is very common and allows the user to adjust the position by just pushing down. Spring systems can also accommodate tall users a bit better.

Mechanical ottoman scanning is typically accurate and can create a more seamless experience, but if you have trouble pushing down with your legs this might not be the best fit for you.


Scan Adjustments

When you’re starting off your massage, if you select a program or manual function before the massage chair scans your back you’ll override the feature. However, you may find the chair is now massaging the back of your head instead of your shoulders.

If you let the chair perform its scan and then get started with a program, you’ll find the results are better. Plus, you can adjust the shoulder position on most of these chairs by using the remote. That way if you want to change the placement a little you can, but you haven’t completely disregarded the scan.




Acupoint Detection

Once a chair has done a scan, it will access its memory of stored of acupressure points. Depending on the chair, it may have a few programmed in or hundreds. It will use the data from the completed scan to determine which pattern of acupressure points to use based on the user’s height. In the best chairs, there are many, many set patterns of points to use since each person is shaped a little different.

If you’d like to see chairs that offer body scanning, click here. If you need help with choosing the right massage chair for your needs be sure to check out the Massage Chair Buying Guide.

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