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Find The Perfect Massage Chair For You

At MassageChairPlanet, we've been helping customers find the right massage chairs since 1995. As such, we're all too familiar with how complicated and confusing the process of finding the perfect massage chair can be. Made in the USA or Japan? Which one’s have Soft or Deep tissue intensity? Or how about a chair that works for someone who is 6’ 5”? Even the best comparison charts make it very difficult to quickly compare many massage chairs across multiple brands and price points that fit all of your needs. That's why we created the Find Your Perfect Massage Chair tool to completely simplify the process of locating the best massage chair just for you. Simply answer a couple of questions, and we'll show you chairs that best match what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: Although this tool represents a large selection of our available + staff recommended massage chairs, there are additional massage chairs for sale on our website including floor models. Ask your knowledgeable MassageChairPlanet specialist about any questions you have regarding a specific massage chair you may have seen on our website, but not on the result page after using this tool.