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Learning Center - Bluetooth Functionality

learning center massage chair features bluetooth functionality

Let’s Get Connected

Bluetooth connections are all around us, and the latest massage chairs are all but required to offer a Bluetooth connection in order to be a top contender. We want to hear our music when we get a massage, listen to our audiobooks, or hear gentle sounds that we choose. Hooking your phone or smart device up to the massage chair with Bluetooth allows you to do so.

Why Offer Bluetooth?

Whether you want to listen to your favorite meditation or music, a podcast, or hold a conversation on the phone, you can experience clear sound through the high-quality speakers in the headrest these chairs offer. Plus, because your phone is syncing to the massage chair without any wires, you won’t need to manage them during a massage or risk the wires becoming tangled as the chair changes positions.

Chairs with Bluetooth typically also offer incredible sound systems packed into a small space. The sound from them is directed towards your head to reduce background noise and this addition of music to your massage can heighten your relaxation and enjoyment. Thus, improves the benefits of the massage itself.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an evidence-based, clinical intervention that uses music to create a therapeutic effect. It can be conducted by a professional, but you can also enjoy the benefits to a degree when you are employing it yourself, namely through a massage chair with this technology.

Music Therapy can address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects. Listening to music affects the brain and can help to improve mood, relaxation, and together with massage aid symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Sync Function

So, what does this have to do with massage chairs? Well, a fantastic option that several Bluetooth massage chairs offer is the sync program. This allows you to listen to your music during your massage of course, but it also allows you to program a massage to work in conjunction with your music- acting on you in the same beats.

Chairs equipped with a sound system are becoming increasingly popular and having a Bluetooth option makes it that much better. Enjoy some of the benefits of music therapy during your massage and feel it deeply when you combine it with the sync program.

Massage Chairs with Bluetooth

There are several wonderful chairs that offer this feature, and you can find them all right here, but here are a few of our favorites.

The Titan PRO Jupiter XL massage chair is an all-time favorite and top seller because it offers several incredible features including a Bluetooth sound system. You can enhance the massage with your favorite tunes and you can also answer calls right from the chair thanks to the built-in microphone. It also offers space-saving technology, 3D massage rollers, L-Track technology, and much more.

Another best seller with Bluetooth is the Luraco i7 PLUS. An OEM Luraco Speaker was designed specifically for the i7 PLUS, and together with the advanced air cell massage, hip twist, 3D rollers, and advanced operating system, it’s no wonder we’ve sold so many of these chairs.

One of the best sellers we’ve ever had is the Osaki OS-PRO Maxim. The speaker is of high quality, and you can enjoy a combination S/L-Track massage with zero gravity, heat, and even chromotherapy. This massage chair is by far one of our customers most loved.

The Osaki OS-PRO Maestro is another great option with Bluetooth and a top seller as well. In addition to the speakers, the chair also offers an iPhone and Android app, 4D massage technology, and heated massage rollers. It’s definitely a step up from the Maxim, and though it has a bit higher of a price tag, it is certainly worth it.

That’s just a handful of the massage chairs with Bluetooth that we offer. If you’d like more help choosing a chair, check out the Massage Chair Buying Guide. Plus, you can always give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions and help however we can.

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