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learning center massage chair features chromotherapy

Putting Hue in the Best Mood

Chromotherapy, also called color therapy, is an alternative medicine treatment used to produce relaxation. Typically when used in massage chairs, the color blue or a warm yellow like a candle is used and usually, the lights are LEDs on the side of the chair. More and more, this feature is being added to new massage chair models because of the calming effects.

What Does It Do?

Wherever you’ve set up your massage chair, the chromotherapy lights emit a soft glow, best seen in a dim room, and assist to create a relaxing atmosphere that helps relieve stress and produce those relaxing hormones. A holistic home massage experience is that much closer with this wonderful feature.

How Does It Work?

Color light therapy operates on the idea that each color is associated with a separate bodily response. For instance, red is usually associated with stimulation and energy, where blue is seen as mentally relaxing color.

Since ancient times, color has been used to treat an array of medical conditions. Chromotherapy dates back to ancient Egypt, India, China, and even as far back as the Mayan culture. Today, the medical benefits are being studied and implemented in primary hospitals and medical research centers across the globe.

10 Benefits of Color Light Therapy

Chromotherapy has several benefits both emotional and physical. They include:

Minimized Swelling & Inflammation

Using chromotherapy on swollen or inflamed areas has been known to assist to soothe the area and induce healing. It can relax the muscles and ease irritation.

Improved Healing

Chromotherapy assists to boost the body's repairing efforts made during healing. This LED therapy has been used to jump-start the healing of post-surgical scars, burns, injuries, etc.

Pain Relief

Since this therapy can reduce swelling, inflammation, muscle tension, and additional issues generally associated with discomfort, the treatment frequently relieves pain.

Better Range of Motion

Treatments used with chromotherapy helps to lubricate joints and ease tension in the surrounding muscles, increasing range of motion. That alone can improve flexibility and encourage injury prevention and when you add the reduced pain and inflammation it gets even better.

Reduced Muscle Stress

When used on tight, tense muscles, chromotherapy assists to treat knots and tension for improved relaxation. This all works together to reduce muscle and mental stress.

Increased Circulation

Because different colors vibrate at varying frequencies, certain colors can act on your body’s circulation the same way that heat does and boosting it. Together you can see an even greater effect.

Mood Regulation

Colors can also elicit a specific emotional or physical response, one of which is improved moods. Using chromotherapy to stimulate our endocrine systems regulates hormonal imbalances, mood disruptions, and can assist with depression.

Elevated Sleep Patterns

Associate with mood regulation and muscle relaxation is improved sleep. Combining chromotherapy with a massage chair can enhance this benefit even further.

Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Humans have an internal biological clock that assists us to adapt to the natural sequence of days and nights. With Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is usually elicited in the winter months, that internal clock is thrown off. Chromotherapy helps with this, especially that lack of light that occurs during winter. It helps to offset the effects of SAD, which, in turn, helps regulate moods and improve sleep.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Chromotherapy energizes skin cells and invigorates inactive skin cells. This boosts collagen production which gives the skin a smooth appearance and increases elasticity.

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