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Authorized Massage Chair Brands Sold

Massage Chair Brands

Now that you understand the basics of massage chairs, their features, and what they can do for you, let’s take a look at the brands we carry.


osaki massage chairs buying guide

Osaki massage chairs offer a stylish, customized massage therapy experience right in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You have the ability to personalize your massage experience to ensure that it meets all your needs.

Osaki has a history of incorporating high-end features into sleek, affordable massage chairs. With a wide variety of chairs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to your aches, pains, and relaxation needs. Included in the purchase of any Osaki massage chair is Osaki's 3-year "Rock Solid" Limited Warranty.


titan massage chairs buying guide

Titan massage chairs feature a new style of massage focused on relaxation using spinal decompression. The majority of these massage recliners for back pain feature Titan's innovative L-track massage system which provides better support in the neck and back, especially in the lumbar area.

This allows the spine to more easily decompress for enhanced relaxation and allowing users to receive the maximum benefit from the massage.

While Titan massage chairs are made by the same people that brought you Osaki massage chairs, these massage recliners offer slightly different features and new technologies that you won't find in Osaki chairs.

One of these features is the max weight. Most massage chairs have a max user weight limit of about 285 lbs, however, Titan massage chairs are built to withstand a little more.


infinity massage chairs buying guide

Infinity massage chairs made their mark by developing a line of chairs which focus on the benefits of inversion therapy. If you're searching for zero gravity massage chairs with inversion and heat therapy capabilities, you're sure to find what you’re looking for in the Infinity collection.

Additionally, Infinity includes a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty that covers different parts of your chair for the length of the warranty. During the first year, parts and labor are covered with in-home service at no cost to you. The last two years covers solely parts.

Human Touch

human touch massage chairs buying guide

For over 35 years Human Touch has been created truly incredible massage chairs. The objective of the development of their powerful, compact massage chairs is to achieve the ultimate massage benefits which employ similar techniques to what you would receive from a professional masseuse.

The massage chairs from Human Touch showcase a dedication to wellness solutions by focusing on innovative technology which enhances daily life and relaxation. Experience a rejuvenating massage in your own home by taking home a Human Touch massage chair!


luraco massage chairs buying guide

Luraco massage chairs are the only massage chairs we carry that are designed, researched, and built in the United States. Luraco massage chairs bring together the latest technology in home massage with innovative healthcare and entertainment capabilities to craft massage chairs that remain a cut above the rest each year.

As the only medical massage chairs we carry, they can support users up to 6'7" who weigh up to 300 pounds. The Luraco iRobotic i9 Max Special Edition offers an optional heart rate and blood pressure monitor where you can track vitals to improve its overall health benefits.

Luraco massage chairs are also the only massage chairs that have UL, FDA, and CE listing and designations, making them perfect for a commercial setting. They even come with their own commercial warranty.


kahuna massage chairs buying guide

Kahuna massage chairs offer a unique set of high end features all bundled into a one-piece design. These high-end massage chairs do not require any set-up! Just take your Kahuna chairs out of the box, place them in the room of your choice and plug them in for instant relaxation.

Kahuna is unique among massage chair manufacturer's when it comes to their warranty. Kahuna offers a limited 10 year warranty where the first year parts and labor are covered at no additional cost to you, the next 3 years cover any parts necessary to repair your Kahuna chair, and the remainder of the warranty covers the framework only.

That's 10 years your high-end massage chair purchase is protected!


inada massage chairs buying guide

When making a life-enhancing investment in a modern massage chair, Inada massage chairs are the first you should check out. Inada has been creating world-class therapeutic massage chairs since 1962.

That year Nichimu Inada created the first automatic shiatsu massage chair. Modern massage chairs are a cultural health product in Japan and Inada takes great pride in their craftsmanship. Much of their technological development is done in their main headquarters in Osaka. The main factory for these modern massage chairs is located in Nawa, a traditional small town in the Tottori prefecture of Japan.

Inada is the only company that has earned the title "The World's Best Massage Chair®." Unequaled in therapeutic benefits and stress reduction, Inada massage chairs represent the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu healing techniques and modern technology.

Inada massage chairs come in a variety of neutral colors that will allow them to blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Many of the important features you will find available on every chair in the entire collection.

Whether you are buying the lowest priced chair or the highest, you are going to ensure that your relaxation will be achieved with your purchase.

Inada’s mission is to continuously be the leaders in the industry and contribute to society through “health”. With a perspective as of being a specialized manufacturer, they will continue to create products with a true value.

Buying a modern massage chair is going to be a decision that you will wish you made many years ago.


uknead massage chairs buying guide

With over 30 years of experience uKnead has become a leading massage chair authority. The ever-evolving engineering design of uKnead massage chairs is focused on the evolution of massage chair robotics. Every uKnead massage chair is fine-tuned to cater specifically to modern consumers.

With a deep value on the importance of customer service, uKnead strives to provide transparency, efficiency and quality product education even after the sale is complete. Continuously improving design allows them to maximize practicality. uKnead is determined to make full body Shiatsu massage chairs a household staple.

Unboxing Made Easy by uKnead

Buying a massage chair is a big decision. Figuring out how to get it into position is an even bigger one. Considering that the majority of the chairs on the market are hovering around the 200 lbs. mark, and many older homes have doors smaller than 33 inches, installation could be a concern.

Some of these stresses can be alleviated by measuring your doors before you purchase a massage chair. Or trying to find out how many pieces the chair comes in.

Some are addressed by uKnead in the simplest way possible. Once you have decided on your massage chair and it is delivered to your home the process will remain just as easy.

The top of the carton is removed while the bottom part can be pulled away from the chair. A pillowed backrest cushion and seat cushion are then put into place. Once you have confirmed that there is enough space around the chair for movement and possibly placed an area rug underneath to protect the floor, you are ready to go. Plug your brand new chair in and prepare to feel relaxation and comfort that you have never felt before.

The purpose of a massage chair is to take the stress of life away, even just for a brief amount of time. Unpacking a brand new purchase is not going to take away stress, but most likely it will enhance it. This is another example of how uKnead is keeping the consumer in mind and trying to give you the best experience possible.

Johnson Wellness

johnson massage chairs buying guide

Johnson Fitness & Wellness have been in the fitness industry for a very long time. While watching athletes using their equipment, they realized that the work doesn’t stop after the routine does. Johnson Wellness wanted to create an innovative massage chair that not only benefits athletes, but anyone who would need a massage.

Massage is beneficial for reducing back pain, encouraging muscle growth and recovery, and even boosting immunity. Johnson Wellness massage chairs focus on all of these aspects and many more.

You’ll find that a Johnson massage chair is loaded with features such as zero gravity, Bluetooth, and 4D massage technology. The list of features goes on and on for the ultimate relaxation experience.

While developing their innovative massage chairs, they wanted to focus on the outside as well as the mechanics. Johnson Wellness chairs feature sleek lines and highly durable materials that create a massage chair that’ll last for years. Refined engineering and design create a piece that’s not so modern it seems out of place and not so traditional it feels stuck in the past.

It’s a piece of tasteful, polished furniture you’ll be excited to show off.

Inner Balance Wellness

inner balance wellness massage chairs buying guide

When you’re looking for an advanced massage chair with enhanced features for robotic massage, gravity positions, and several heating options, look no further than Inner Balance Wellness.

The Inner Balance Wellness Jin chair is a fantastic option that can accommodate taller individuals, provides massaging rollers, and comes with nine pre-programmed massage settings.


With shoulder airbags, a shoulder-head adjustment system, and shiatsu calf massage, the Inner Balance chairs are perfect for anyone who wants special attention paid to the calf muscles with adjustable programming that can be personalized to your unique body shape.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Inner Balance provides a 1-year limited warranty that covers parts and labor for the first year. The first year also includes in-home service with a qualified technician. For years two and three, the manufacturer covers parts. You can also look into purchasing an Extended Warranty from us.


synca massage chairs buying guide

When you’re looking for an in-home setup that massages your whole body, look no further than the Synca Massage Chairs. With tapping and kneading functions, as well as several customizable options, these chairs can help you to relax and loosen up the muscle that’s causing so many of your aches and pains.

No one should suffer backaches and foot pain when there’s something you can do for yourself that will earn its cost each and every day. Come home to your own massage chair and you could be sleeping easier, waking more rested, and be ready to face whatever the day holds.


Designed to be ergonomically correct, Synca massage chairs use detection technology to perform a complete body scan that allows them to map your curves and create a personalized massage each time.

The unique massage techniques allow these chairs to help you to feel secure while you receive just the right amount of pressure on your neck down to the muscles near the base of your spine.

In addition, many of the chairs feature heat that delivers radiating warmth to your lumbar spine and back. Many of us are on our feet all day long or sit in uncomfortable office chairs, this feature soothes an aching back and helps release tension built up over the course of our workday.

The Synca line of products can also feature alternating hip movements which provide the pressure you want on each hip to help align you.

Also, if you’re concerned about the amount of available space you have in your home, these compact models can be a perfect fit.