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Learning Center - Space Saving

learning center massage chair features space saving

What Does Space Saving Mean?

Most massage chairs, especially those with several features and leg massage ottomans, require a lot of space in your home. And that’s before you recline them.

When you’re reclining a massage chair, which is pretty much every time you use it, you want to be able to do without making the area impassable. You may also have a space where reclining a chair to its full length is completely impossible because of how long that makes the chair.

That’s where space saving comes into play.

Who is a Space Saving Chair Made for?

Space saving technology was created to shrink the amount of space required to fully recline the massage chair. There are several models available at MassageChairPlanet.Com that can recline fully in just a few inches.

This is perfect when you have a smaller room or you simply don’t want your chair to take up as much space when in use. There are even compact models that take up less space altogether, reclining or not.

Some massage chairs only require a few inches to recline while some will still need around a foot so it will be important to look for chairs with the space-saving feature if your space is limited.

What Chairs Offer Space Saving?

There are several models that offer this wonderful feature, and many of them are our top selling chairs. From incredible brands like Osaki/Titan, Human Touch, Dreamwave, Infinity, and more, space saving has become a feature that many customers consider a must-have.

The Infinity Genesis features space saving, plus zero gravity, airbag compression massage, an automatic footrest, an Android & Apple app, and much more. This is a top seller on MassageChairPlanet.Com. This chair is sleek and modern with a shiny outer shell and an interior of synthetic leather. There’s even a USB port for charging your devices.

Human Touch’s Novo XT2 also offers space saving and is another very modern chair. Its design resembles that of a shell that cocoons you in relaxation. It also features a combination S/L-Track, lumbar heat, several wellness programs, and is usable through an app.

For a space-saving chair from a leading manufacturer look no further than the Osaki OS-PRO Maxim massage chair. Another combination S/L-Track chair with zero gravity and Bluetooth, the Maxim is a favorite among our customers for its dependable massage and easy use through the touch screen controller.

Lastly, another great model when you need the ultimate in space-saving complete with a small footprint is the Kahuna HANI massage chair. For a low price, this chair offers a condensed, stylish option for someone looking for an easy-going massage chair that isn’t too intense and doesn’t take up much room at all. The modern, ergonomic design is both comfortable and a contemporary choice that can suit any decor.

Additionally, the Sol, CirC, and other smaller options can be a good choice when you are short on space. You can find more options like this in the Massage Chair Buying Guide.

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