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Learning Center - Zero Gravity

learning center massage chair features zero gravity

What’s It Like In Zero G?

Massage chairs have become more and more advanced, and now they offer a plethora of features that improve your experience and increases the overall health benefits. One of these incredible features is Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity is extremely popular and people everywhere are preaching about it. So, what is Zero Gravity and what are its benefits? Below you’ll learn why a Zero Gravity Massage Chair provides an even more impressive massage than a traditional chair.

What is Zero Gravity?

The Zero Gravity position in massage chairs was inspired by NASA because it imitates the position astronauts assume upon launching into space. This position distributes weight evenly across the body which works perfectly for an astronaut and can work wonder for you as well.

How Does It Work?

When you choose Zero Gravity mode, the massage chair eases you into a reclined position, moving your thighs in line with your back to maximize comfort and minimize pressure.

There are also chairs with Two-Stage Zero Gravity. The second stage angles the user further back, moving the legs above heart level. This position can increase blood flow which can, in turn, help the heart and body.

What are the Benefits?

So much goes into the construction of a massage chair and each feature is designed to create the best possible experience for every person who sits down in one. Zero Gravity positioning, in particular, offers several benefits including:

  • Reduced back pain- We put pressure and stress on our spines all day. Zero G takes the weight off your spine for less discomfort.
  • Increased circulation- While in Zero G, your feet are level with your heart, increasing blood flow. This can help your heart, muscles, and arteries, helping us feel healthier and even look healthier.
  • Reduced swelling- When your blood is flowing better, your body can reduce swelling faster.
  • Assist with breathing- Lying flat can make breathing for difficult for some people. Zero G props the body up and helps open airways. It can also help those that suffer from asthma or sleep apnea.
  • Improved comfort and relaxation- When you combine all the benefits above, you get improved relaxation and a boost to overall wellness.

Where Can I Buy a Massage Chair with Zero Gravity?

Right here! MassageChairPlanet.Com has a huge selection of massage chairs with Zero Gravity. In fact, to see every chair we offer with this feature click here.

If you want help narrowing it down, some of our top selling models include the Osaki OS-PRO Maxim and 4000T, the Luraco i7 PLUS, the Titan PRO Jupiter XL, and the Human Touch Novo XT2.

The Maxim offers an incredible return on your investment. In addition to Zero G, it also provides Bluetooth speaker functionality, space-saving technology, a combination S/L-Track, and so much more.

The OS-PRO 4000T provides the Zero G feature as well as lower back heat, airbag compression massage, an S-Track, body scanning, and much more. This chair is an extension on the original 4000 model and now provide foot reflexology and a streamlined airbag system.

The i7 PLUS, of course, offers the sought-after zero gravity as well as tried and true favorites of the massage chair world, like airbag massage 3D roller technology, and heat. It is also one of the few chairs that’s manufactured right here in America. Luraco is one of our top selling brands.

Titan, a sister brand to Osaki, showcases another of our top sellers in the PRO Jupiter XL. With 3D rollers, L-Track technology, two stages of Zero G, body scanning, and heat, it’s no wonder this chair is a best seller at less than $4,000. It’s also great for our tall customers and seats those up to 6’6”.

The Human Touch Novo XT2 is another best seller and has some fantastic, and very up-to-date, features. It offers lumbar heat, body scanning, USB ports and app functionality, Cloud Touch acupressure, a combo S/L-Track, an incredible sound system from Altec Lansing, space saving, a stretch function, and of course Zero G.

There are several chairs available with numerous advanced massage features that can help get you the relief you want right in the comfort of your own home. If you need help deciding which massage chair to invest in, use our Massage Chair Buying Guide to get all the information you need.

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