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Kahuna LM-8800 Massage Chair Review

Kahuna LM-8800 Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair has been discontinued. You can see other Kahuna massage chairs here.

Kahuna massage chairs are a hot item and the LM-8800 model has a lot of advantages to it. In this review, I will go over my favorite parts and tell you how it helped me during my test of it.


I love the different colors Kahuna uses for this massage chair. I am a very visual person and the bright colors they use relax me and make me want to sit and use the chair as much as possible. From lilac to orange and even the peacock blue, you will have your choice of some amazing colors and you’ll be able to match the massage chair to your home décor.

Keep in mind the Kahuna LM-8800 massage chair can fit in almost any room because it only needs three inches of space (recommendation is six inches) from your wall to recline. This is a great advantage.

Bilingual Understanding Massage Chair

The remote control is easy to use and it recognizes more than just English. You can change the language of your controller, to Chinese as well so the massage chair can better understand you.,

The LCD screen made it very easy for me to quickly read what was happening during my massage. You are able to easily start or adjust your massage session because of the intuitive button layout used in the remote.

Automatic Body Scanning

More and more chairs are being made with the body scanning technology. It is great because for me having Arthritis for several decades, my body has some deformities. The body scan can tell how my body lays in the chair and created a unique massage for me.

3D Massage Technology

The Kahuna LM-8800 also comes with 3D technology to help give a deep tissue massage across your entire back. I know this is important to me because of the stiffness I get in the early mornings and after a hard day of work. It is a wonderful way to improve my relaxation and recovery time.

What the Chair Offers

This model offers eight different programs: Relax, Dynamic, Stretch, Anti-Stress, Refreshing, Aid Sleep, Deep Massage, and Vitality. My favorite is Aid Sleep.

The name says it all; this massage is perfect right before heading to bed. It relaxes you and it almost put me to sleep in the chair in the middle of the day. But don’t fret, if you do fall asleep in the chair, this chair has an automatic timer feature, so the chair will shut itself off.

Entertainment While We Relax

The Kahuna LM-8800 has Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about cords. Just sync your phone and listen to your favorite tunes and you don’t even have to plug in headphones either because the chair has great speakers built-in to the headrest.


A unique feature of Kahuna massage chairs is no assembly is required, so as a bonus, at no extra charge, we are offering our White Glove Delivery Service. A delivery team will move the large box anywhere in the home you want it. Moving this huge box up a flight of stairs would be exhausting for you, so the delivery team will also wait until you test the massage chair out to ensure everything is working properly before leaving.

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