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Osaki JP Premium 4S Massage Chair Review

Osaki JP Premium 4S Massage Chair Review


The Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair was designed and manufactured in Japan. Due to where this chair was created, there are significant technological advances that you do not find in other chairs. Keep reading this Osaki 4S massage chair review to find out more.

Massage Track

The 3D massager rollers in the JP Premium 4S run on a 31” S-track design. These massage rollers will give you an impressively deep massage that can be easily adjusted with the touch panel remote.

The two rolling ball mechanisms do an impressive job of emulating a hand massage achieved by a massage therapist. Combine the two massaging ball mechanism with 3D massage technology and you have a wide range of adjustments that can be made to your kneading massage.

The 3D technology means that now the rollers can move in more than two directions. You’ll receive the up and down as well as side to side action you find in a 2D chair, plus you’ll get the benefit of the rollers moving in and out. This means they can protrude from the track to knead deep into the muscle tissue to relieve pressure and tension.

This chair also has a vast amount of massage programs with massages dedicated to each area of your body. This ensures you’re covered from your shoulders down to your waist, and they even attend to your feet. Various modes allow you to change up the massage programs, and you can always use the manual option to have the chair do exactly what you want.

Double Sensing Body Scan

The body scanning technology included in the Osaki 4S massage chair has been improved to better cater to your unique size and shape. The depth of your massage is optimized based on your position in the chair so that you get the maximum benefits no matter how you are sitting. When you sit down in the chair, the rollers will map your back and shoulder so that they know exactly where you are in the chair and understand your unique shape.

Compression Massage

The airbag massage works very well to improve circulation throughout your body. The airbags are also able to reach areas of your body that the massage rollers can’t. The airbag system for the JP Premium 4S massage chair creates an additional benefit for your body by inflating the airbags in a specific pattern to help you achieve overall relaxation and increased blow flow. This can help your body to eliminate toxins and increase the effectiveness of your massage. It’s even great for lower extremity swelling and can provide much-needed relief.

Massage Programs

This chair has 13 massage programs with various set timeframes. You can control the intensity of your massage, which will allow you to have the massage experience that you desire during that session, and each program is designed with something unique in mind. You’ll find programs that are perfect for relaxing before you go to sleep and those that can great for energizing and waking up in the morning.

Acupressure Balls

The JP Premium 4S Massage chair features acupressure balls that are designed to target acupressure points throughout the soles of your feet. Airbags throughout the unique ottoman provide a compression massage using one of the three modes to provide relief to your lower body. These airbags also force your feet down on acupressure balls in an effort to give you a relaxing foot massage through your entire foot.

Final Thoughts

With all the above features, you’ll also find a touch panel remote, adjustable massage roller width and speed settings, a stretch program, and heat therapy. This is a well-rounded chair and for the price, it can be a great option if you’re looking for a more intense massage chair.

The rating assigned to this chair specifically is at the highest end of medium to intense. As you can see below, it is rated at 6-10, which means even at its most gentle it is still a quite powerful massage.

intensity chart for jp premium 4s

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