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Features - What is 3D Massage Technology?

What is 3D Massage Technology?

This is an exciting innovation that has been featured in many newer massage chairs! 3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller heads to protrude from the track an additional 8-10cm (depending on the manufacturer) in an effort to bring your massage to places that are typically neglected by your average massage chair, such as the upper neck and upper shoulder area.

3D massage technology has another benefit! Being able to protrude from the track allows the massage heads to massage super deep to tissue that traditionally would not have been accessible for a massage chair, which can improve your massage experience in a number of ways:

  • This allows you to have a deeper much more intense massage, which maximizes the benefit of the massage and the relaxation you will receive from it.
  • 3D technology is adjustable! Which means you can control the amount of protrusion from the massage heads, which gives you even more control over the massage you receive from your massage chair.
  • As mentioned previously the 3D massage technology also allows you receive a massage in areas that previously would have gone without, you can now extend your deep tissue massage to these areas increasing the relaxation and rejuvenation benefits from your massage.


All of the massage chairs on this page were designed with 3D technology as well as other innovations like zero gravity, your favorite massage styles and Chromatherapy lights. 3D massage rollers are what provide the Panasonic EP-MA70 with its unique grasping massage style.

Check out the 3D massage chairs below and call us with any questions at 888.346.3220