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Luraco i7 Massage Chair vs Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Comparison Review

Luraco i7 Massage Chair vs Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Comparison Review

*Please note that both of the above massage chairs have been discontinued. Visit here for more Massage Chairs.

The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair and the Luraco i7 Massage Chair have some similarities and quite a few subtle differences. In this comparison, we will cover the different aspects of each chair. We hope to make your massage chair buying experience as easy as possible.


Both chairs feature zero gravity, heat, body scanning, Bluetooth and body compressing airbag systems. They also feature multiple levels of speed and intensity adjustment. Both chairs have touch screen remotes.

Massage Track

3D massage is utilized in both the Luraco i7 and the Smart 3D chair. The depth of the massage can be adjusted by changing the intensity settings. Both of these chairs have 6 different intensity levels with 6 different massage techniques. When you alter the intensity of the massage, it is the same as having a masseuse press harder or softer. Both of these chairs feature body scanning technology so that it can determine where to position the 32” rollers on your back.

Air Compression Massage

64 Airbags are used in the Smart 3D to create a compression massage system all over the chair. The Smart 3D utilizes 2 zero gravity angles to help ease the pressure from your body. The i7 has 80 airbags that can be found in the shoulder, arms, hands, legs and feet. The numbers are vastly different in the airbag count on these two chairs, but the size of the airbags is what plays a part. The i7 has 4 levels of multi-layered airbag strength, while the Smart 3D has 5 levels with adjustable shoulder airbags. The Smart 3D has a one-touch zero gravity button, but the i7 gets into zero gravity during certain massage programs.



The remote on the Smart 3D is currently unbeatable. While the i7 has a touch screen remote that resembles your smart phone, the Smart 3D actually has a Samsung tablet running an android operating system. We have covered the tablet on this chair extensively in other posts, but it is literally a fully operating tablet attached to a massage chair. You can do everything on this device, that you can do on your standard tablet. Full control of the chair can be activated as well as a diagnostics system, if some kind of problem should arise. Both companies have instructional videos discussing how to use either remote.

Foot Massager

The i7 features a double foot massage roller system. Two high-quality foot massage rollers apply a reflexology massage to the soles of your feet and are aided by the air cells near your feet to improve the massage and to ensure that the rollers are getting all of the knots out in your feet. The Smart 3D uses dual action rolling and kneading techniques to create your massage. They are somewhat similar, but the i7 comes out ahead with a more invigorating massage to your feet.


Color Options

The Smart 3D comes in two color options of black and cappuccino. The Luraco i7 comes in 3 different color options that fall into a very neutral category. The colors are black, cream, and brown.

Both chairs are going to give you a really good massage. The Ogawa Smart 3D is currently coming in quite a bit cheaper than the Luraco i7. If you are a tech junkie, then the tablet aspect will probably make the Smart 3D win out. If you are looking for a deep massage, then the Luraco i7 might be a better choice. In this comparison we focused on the features that are unique to the individual chair and similar between the two chairs.

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