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Infinity Riage vs Infinity Altera

Infinity Riage vs Infinity Altera

The Infinity Riage is an interesting massage chair. It exists, but can be very hard to find. That is not something you would want to deal with when trying to make a purchase. The Infinity Altera massage chair has just been released and can be found right here on massage chair planet. We wanted to do a massage chair comparison just in case you happened to come across the Riage and wonder what each chair has to offer.

Let’s start with the similarities. Both chairs have 6 massage programs that use similar techniques. Both chairs have airbags located in the Shoulders, Arms, Hips, Calves, and Feet. The chairs have an L-track massage system with an 49” stroke length. That is one of the longest lengths in the industry. Spinal correction waist twist, lumbar heat and bluetooth technology are a few more of the features that are present in both chairs.Now, it is time to get to the differences. First you will notice the size difference. The Riage looks slightly bigger than the Altera. This leads to one of the main features that the Altera has over many chairs.

The Altera is designed to fit body shapes from 4'9" to 6’2”. Many massage chairs focus on a broader shape and design the chair to accommodate that. When someone with a smaller frame gets in the chair, the shoulder airbags don’t reach down to their shoulders. Then their feet don’t reach all the way to the bottom of the chair, causing the user to miss out on a foot massage that is one of the key features to a massage chair.

The Riage does feature an Android App that is not available on the Altera. There is little information on what the app can actually do, but usually they allow you to control your massage chair similar how you would with the remote. Both chairs feature a remote that keeps the controls at the touch of your hand.

The Infinity Riage massage chair and the Infinity Altera are both good massage chairs. Currently the Altera sits at a lower price-point and is a lot easier to find than the Riage. If you are looking for a chair that covers a wide array of sizes and you can purchase easily, then the Infinity Altera is going to be the chair for you.

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