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Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair vs Oaski OS-4000T Massage Chair Comparison

Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair vs Oaski OS-4000T Massage Chair Comparison

*Please note that the Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair has been discontinued! Visit here for our current massage chairs.

Osaki OS-4000T vs Ogawa Refresh

The Ogawa Refresh and the Osaki OS-4000t are two similar massage chairs with some slight variations. In this comparison we will cover the differences between the two chairs to help making your purchase easier. 


Both chairs feature a quad roller system based on an S-Track style. Zero gravity with 2 stages, heat and spot/partial massage options are all included on both chairs. They also both feature a total of 6 massage techniques. That is where the similarities end. 


The OS-4000t has a removable back pad that allows you to make the massage deeper by having your back directly on the rollers when reclined. With the back padding on the chair, you would have to completely stop your massage to remove the padding. This will ruin any kind of relaxation that you have already achieved and essentially cause you to start over. 

Neck & Shoulder Massage

The Ogawa Refresh has SmartCurve technology that is going to allow for a deeper neck massage on the standard setting. The Os-4000t has a head pillow with airbags that push down on the shoulders to encourage a deeper massage. If you are looking for a deeper neck massage the Refresh is going to give you that. 

Shoulder Airbags

The OS-4000t has airbags that come around the shoulders. The Refresh has shoulder airbags that flare out. This creates more of a space in the shoulder area and will be more appealing to users with broad shoulders. 

Hip Airbags

The Refresh does not have hip airbags. The OS-4000t has hip airbags that squeeze the sides of your hips and legs. A compression massage is created that can help alleviate aches in these areas. Some uses feel as if this can get a bit too tight, while others have complemented the system. This is a feature that would be best to experience on a chair yourself. 

Color Options

The Osaki OS-4000t comes in 4 different two tone colors. They are Black & Beige, Charcoal & Beige, Brown & Black and Cream & Brown. The color combinations can also blend pretty easily with your décor, although they do turn the chair into a fairly bold piece. The Ogawa Refresh comes in 3 different solid color options that fall into a very neutral category. They colors are black, bronze and cappuccino. The Refresh would blend easily with many décor styles. The Osaki Os-4000 and the Ogawa Refresh are similar chairs with a few differences. If the hip airbags are not something you are looking for then the Ogawa Refresh would be a better choice. The impressive SmartCurve massage system gives the Refresh an edge over the OS-4000. The Refresh is also a more versatile chair for various body shapes, when the OS-4000 can come across as feeling somewhat tight. 
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