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Turn Your World Upside Down

What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy is a procedure where people are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. By shifting the body’s gravity, it is designed to ease the pressure on the back while also providing traction.

Inversion therapy can be beneficial for people with:

  • persistent lower back pain
  • reduced circulation
  • sciatica
  • scoliosis

What Do the Studies Show?

The goal of this therapy is to assist with back pain. It’s also said that the stretching and circulatory benefits can assist to prevent future back problems.

Inversion is designed to help the spine by:

  • creating additional protective fluid around spinal discs
  • flushing waste from the spine
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving circulation in nearby muscles

Below is a look at four potential benefits of inversion therapy based on the latest research.

Improved Back Pain

In a study with 47 people complaining of chronic low back pain inversion therapy was practiced in three 3-minute sets at varying angles. The study found that at 60 degrees for a total of eight weeks there was significantly reduced back pain. It also increased torso flexibility and strength.

Better Spinal Health

Inversion therapy is also believed to increase the space between your spinal discs and relieve pressure. Sitting, running, and bending can put pressure on your discs, and the pressure raises the risk for backache, collapsed vertebra, and other issues. Increasing that space can relieve some pain and make other treatments more effective.

Improved Flexibility

Gradual micromovements in the spine can assist to make the body stronger, and as a result more flexible, making it easier to bend and reach. Inversion therapy is also believed to correct posture, which is particularly helpful if you work at a desk.

Decreased Need for Surgery

A 2014 study proposes that the zero-gravity nature of inversion can minimize spinal compression. The authors also stated that it could potentially prevent disability from back conditions, reducing the need for spinal surgery.

In 2012, Trusted Source from Disability and Rehabilitation reported that those with lumbar disease decreased their need for surgery after six weeks of inversion therapy.

As with any therapy, you’ll want to consult a physician before you begin and results can vary. But if you’re anything like me, trying out this treatment to ease that chronic lower back pain is well worth it. And now, there are several types of massage chairs with inversion therapy available.

Zero Gravity vs. Inversion

More and more massage chairs are offering zero-gravity, and it has quickly become a customer favorite. However, the inversion feature is fairly new and is designed to offer more of the above benefits than zero gravity is able to deliver.

Most original zero gravity massage chairs tilted the seat back 30 degrees. Inversion is designed to recline the chair back to below horizontal, thus inverting the user as much as possible while in the seat.

Inversion was introduced to massage chairs pretty recently in an attempt to mimic the original inversion machines. The best massage chairs doing this can recline back past 180-degrees.

Once you’re reclining past 180 degrees, the inversion effect really starts working and can even have you feeling like you might slide back off the chair. You won’t, don’t worry. This inverted effect helps the spine to decompress like when using a traditional inversion machine.

Many chiropractors and physical therapists use inversion, and many of those clients have shouted their satisfaction with the practice. Now that massage chairs are starting to incorporate this feature into their design, users can experience an even greater level of spinal decompression.

These massage chairs with inversion can act as an inversion machine to some degree and provide a measure of relief with the accompanying spinal decompression.

If you’re looking for even greater relief, and maybe you already love zero gravity, check out these inversion massage chairs and take your spinal decompression to a whole new level. And, be sure to check out our Massage Chair Buying Guide to help you choose the right chair for your needs.

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