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Unique Footrest for uKnead’s Bella Massage Chair

Having almost 30 years of experience uKnead knows a fair amount about massage chairs, especially being one of the pioneers in the field. The designs at uKnead are constantly evolving to stay on top of what the consumer wants and needs. One thing that was often said by consumers is that they do not want their chairs to look like a standard massage chair. They were looking for something that would fit in with their home décor and many varying styles. Basically, the people were asking for a massage chair with a numerous amount of features that could hide in any room, disguised as a simple accent chair.
The Bella is uKnead’s solution to the glaring problem for most massage chairs on the market. Right away you will notice that the material the Bella is wrapped in has an intricate stitching design. Creating a modern feel while still being a versatile piece. This makes the chair fit in easier with other furniture choices you have made. The Bella comes in three colors that allow it to work well with any color scheme in your home. Finally uKnead decided to bring out their secret weapon, the retracting footrest. When the chair is not in use it is camouflaged as a stylish chair.
When the chair is powered on, the footrest automatically extends out from underneath the seat. This allows the Shiatsu foot rollers to provide an invigorating, acupressure massage to the soles of your feet. There are three sets of active rollers underneath each foot, hidden in the retractable footrest. As the massage session finishes and you are fully rejuvenated, the footrest returns back into the chair. Doing so allows this sneaky piece of furniture to blend back in with the other pieces in the room.
There may be a few massage chairs on the market that are trying to do what uKnead has managed to master. Others have tried to make their chairs look like regular furniture, but it usually causes the consumer to manually move the footrest themselves. Allowing you to continue your relaxation after each session, uKnead is going to handle all the hard labor themselves, while you just sit back and relax.
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