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Osaki OS-JP Premium 4.0 Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-JP Premium 4.0 Massage Chair Review

Please note, this massage chair is discontinued. To view other Osaki Massage Chairs, click here.

The Osaki JP Premium 4.0 Japan Massage chair is designed and manufactured in Japan. Some of the features include a sensor optimized 3D massage roller with an industry-leading 12.5 cm in depth adjustment, as well as heat therapy in the shoulder blade and a smart airbag system that does much more than just squeeze your muscles.

Massage Track

The JP Premium 4.0 massage chair gives you 9 levels of adjustability. This allows you to have complete control over your massage experience every time you use the chair. What might feel good one day, may need to be adjusted the next time you have a massage. This massage chair has a sensor optimized 3D massage roller that can protrude from the track an additional 12.5cm. This extra protrusion allows the massage roller to give you a truly deep massage that you are not going to find on every massage chair.


Most massage chairs provide heat therapy to the lumbar area, this massage chair provides heat to the shoulder blade area where most people hold a lot of stress. The heat doesn’t stop there, it moves down to the footrest. This way you are experiencing a full body benefit of heat.

Airbag System

The JP Premium 4.0 massage chair has three modes of airbag adjustment that provides you with multiple different types of relief. An important part of all of the stretching programs that this massage chair provides is the airbags in the waist and pelvis. These airbags help to promote circulation through your core. Airbags in the shoulder area inflate and squeeze your shoulders together while simultaneously pushing them into the backrest. This allows the massage roller to provide targeted relief to the muscles between your shoulder blade and spine. The airbags in the leg rest have been designed to accurately target your calf muscles through gradual increased air pressure. This grabs the calf muscle and squeezes it to workout knots.

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