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Osaki OS-4D JP Premium Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-4D JP Premium Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-4D JP Premium Massage Chair Review

Please note this massage chair has been discontinued. Check out other Osaki massage chairs here.

The massage chair industry is very competitive and with the release of the Osaki OS-4D JP Premium massage chair, the industry has now been turned up. Osaki specializes in massage chair technology and being able to review this new chair of theirs was a pleasure.
This exquisitely made chair, (that also comes in black) may come at a higher price, but for luxury and ability, this chair is top-notch in my book.


Quality Is Always Best

This massage chair exudes quality. The massage I received while sitting and laying in this chair far outweighs the rest so far.

I have had Arthritis for 35 years and testing this massage chair and all of its functions did my body right.

Deep Tissue Massage

The JP Premium massage chair is a clear cut Japanese made product. It gave me a very deep massage. It didn’t miss any part of my body and my back felt rejuvenated after the massage session. This massage chair has a lot of flexibility with what they call the Kiwami 4D kneading ball massage mechanism, which takes the 3D massage technology to the next level. So for instance, the massage heads are capable of bending to target the muscles directly behind your shoulder blades. It gave me a very strong massage that loosened up my neck, shoulders and back. During the automatic programs you can change the intensity of the massage with the remote control that comes standard with this beautiful massage chair.

“Air Magic” Technology

The technology called Air Magic allows for a comfortable compression massage. The JP Premium massage chair has over three dozen airbags distributed throughout the chair which will hit every part of your body thoroughly. From the shoulders, waist, arms, calves, and your feet, which are especially sensitive for me, with my Rheumatism. I felt like a million bucks when finished. If you like a lot of pressure or your body cannot take too much intensity you can adjust the airbags to your specific needs, including in different parts of the chair. I found this to be a wonderful advancement since my arms and legs are completely different in the pressure point areas.

The high capacity and high output airbags award the person in the chair a feeling of coziness when your whole body is wrapped up.

Waistlines can be an issue for many of us especially for me because I have artificial hips. So, with the airbags operating diagonally I was able to get a really good deep massage and stretch that allowed me to bend after completing the session.

Get The Massage You Want!

The massage chair has an outstanding 28 levels of strength adjustments. It depends on what is bothering you the most. In my case, I sometimes wake up and every muscle aches and every joint is stiff. So, you can design your massage to what’s bothering you the most.


For a small fee, you can get the White Glove Delivery Service which allows you to not have to move a muscle, aside from opening your front door. The delivery team will come in and install the JP Premium massage chair in the room of your choice and will not leave until you try out your new massage chair. So relax and enjoy.

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