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Osaki OS-3700 Massage Chair Review

Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Check out our Osaki massage chairs here.

The Osaki OS-3700 massage chair sits one of the lowest-priced quality massage chairs on the market. It is very rare to find such a feature-packed chair at this affordable cost. Not to mention the amazing features, some you won’t even find on other massage chairs. Other brands will charge you top dollar for some of the features that you will find on this chair. The features and price of this chair put it above many others on the market. You will be very pleased with this purchase.

Armrest Design

The new design allows the armrest to move forward or backward about 4″ so you can get a more comfortable and targeted arm massage. This ensures that your arms are included for the entire massage. Other chairs allow your arms to slip out of the appropriate position when the chair is reclining. This results in a lower quality overall massage experience.

L-Track Massage System

We have covered the L-Track design extensively on Massage Chair Planet. An L-track will massage you from your neck to upper thigh. The S-track stops right at your tail bone. L-track is great for people who suffer lower back problems. The massage track is designed to let the massage roller target each individual disc to help it separate and decompress. The inclusion of lumbar heat is going to solve any aches you will have.

Air Massage Technology

The airbag system of this massage chair has been overhauled to provide you with a much more streamlined experience that uses fewer airbags to cover the same surface area. Fewer airbags means that the chair has less of a chance for problems down the road.

Foot and Calf Massage

Airbags throughout the calves and feet target the acupoints on the back of the leg which help your feet and legs after a long day. The footrest includes a row of reflexology foot massage rollers that apply a kneading style massage to the sole of your foot.

Shoulder Airbag Massage

The airbags have been rotated to point outward allowing them to cover more area as well as press on your upper back. This has managed to be done without making you feel cramped or restricted. Your experience is really going to help you experience an impressive full body massage.

Quad-Roller Head Massage Mechanism

The Osaki OS-3700 massage chair utilizes a quad-roller head massage mechanism that is capable of mimicking the motions of a human hand. This is the closest you’re going to get to a masseuse without leaving your chair.

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