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Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued, the brand upgraded version of this chair is: Human Touch Novo XT 2!


The Human Touch Novo XT massage chair is in a league of its own. This is a chair that does not look like anything else that you will find on the market. The Novo XT has been designed to restore your natural well being.

Massage Style

The Human Touch Novo XT utilizes an L-track massage System. When you are being massaged by an L-track, the rollers will go all the way from your neck down to your upper thigh. This is a great massage for after a hard day at work or the gym. The benefit of having a chair that uses an L-track is that you can decide where you want it to stop. If you need attention on your upper thigh area some days and not others, you can turn the feature on and off. If you have a massage chair that uses an S-track, the rollers will never go further than your lower back.

The rollers on the chair use 3D technology that gives you a deeper massage. Again, this is a feature that can be made softer on the days that you do not want a deep massage. A 3D roller has the ability to protrude from the massage track and really follow the curves of your body. If you are trying to get close to what a masseuse would feel like, a massage chair with 3D rollers will get you there.


The Human Touch Novo XT features quite a unique design. You will be extremely pleased with the chair right out the box. Often when a massage chair is purchased, the consumer is shocked to find that it comes in multiple big, heavy boxes. They are further amazed that unless extra service is purchased, they are required to put the chair together themselves. This can be a daunting feat when you are dealing with parts that can weigh over 50 pounds. Positioning the chair is easy thanks to the space saving design. The chair only needs a few inches of wall clearance to fully recline. The Novo XT is ready to go right out of the box. You literally lift the lid, place the chair in your desired location and plug it in. That’s it!


A streamlined LCD remote makes controlling your massage chair extremely seamless. The multi-color design makes it easy to see the differences in speed and intensity. There is a circle that shows exactly where the roller is on your body. Built-in Bluetooth speakers will immerse you in music during your massage. You will be able to create the ultimate relaxing environment.

Human Touch Novo XT Experience

Zero-gravity is present on the Noxo XT. When you have a massage in the Zero-gravity position, the chair will recline back to an angle that puts your knees above your heart. The stress is then relieved from your joints, allowing your body to fully relax. 34 auto-wellness programs will ensure that you can quickly get into a massage. If you decide to pick exactly where you want the massage to focus, you can use manual mode and completely make the experience your own. A full body stretch feature is available to bend and stretch your body, which will maximize spine relief. This is an amazing feature for injury recovery.  Cloud touch acupressure will hit all of the areas that the massage rollers can’t reach. The extending foot rest has the ability to ensure that the chair will properly adjust to your height and massage your feet and calf muscles.

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