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Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair Review

Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair Review

Please note, this chair is discontinued. For more Titan massage chairs, click here.

Are you in the market for a more classic looking massage chair and not one that looks like you are getting ready to lift off? Well, the Titan TP-Pro 8400 may just be the chair you are looking for. Plus, the price won’t let you down either.


This machine comes in four different colors, black, charcoal, cream, and the one I used was brown. This will allow you to perfectly match it to your home décor.

The chair has a lot of benefits to you. For one thing, I found the L-Track Roller System to be a great comfort to my body as it goes down the neck and back. It hit every problem area I have. The roller track actually runs down 50 inches in the chair and will go past your back to massage your glutes too. If you have a physical disorder like Arthritis, Sciatica, or just poor posture this machine can do wonders for your aches and pains.

Now, the rollers will lift your body up from the chair as it gets lower, so you may need to adjust yourself back into the chair, to make sure your buttock is properly massaged.

Massaging Your Arms with Airbags

This is a cool feature and really made my arms feel loose after the session was over. Airbags are used to massage the forearms, hands and fingers of your body. The airbags will inflate one after another and at the same time throughout the session. It feels like the entire appendage is having its blood pressure checked and after the airbags deflate the sensation is refreshing. For me this is an important part of the therapeutic massage session as my fingers, wrists and elbows are deformed from living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over three decades. I won’t lie, at first I was a little scared of the pressure being put on my joints, but as the session continued I felt very comfortable.

Shoulders Out

Another cool part of the Titan TP-Pro 8400 is its shoulder airbags. For all you broad-shouldered men and women, you can see from this photo, you will fit quite comfortably in the chair. The airbag technology will focus on that problem area and you will be well cared for.

Warming up

If you enjoy your heat as much as the massage itself, then you’ll love the lower lumbar heating system that all you have to do is use the remote control to turn on 20 Minutes in Heaven

Lastly, this massage chair comes with a 20-minute massage session that I call 20 minutes in Heaven and all you have to do is choose a program.


Because massage chairs like this one often have multiple boxes they can be difficult to put together on your own. We offer the “White Glove Delivery Service”. This wonderful service allows you the customer to have a delivery team set up the massage chair in the room of your choice, and you’ll get to try it out before they leave. This way you don’t have to move several-hundred-pound boxes because we just want you to relax.

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