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Apex AP-Pro Regent Rotatable Ottoman

Apex AP-Pro Regent Rotatable Ottoman

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued! Visit here for more Massage Chairs.

Many people would like to put their massage chair right in the living room. A problem tends to arise when the chair is not in use, it’s quite uncomfortable to sit in. Your legs have to go into the footrest, which means taking off your shoes. Then you sort of awkwardly sit in a non-moving chair.


The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair doesn’t have that problem. The ottoman on the chair can fold over so that it looks like a standard recliner. This is also a great feature if you just want a back massage, and do not feel like including your legs. The ottoman is lightweight, so moving it in or out is extremely easy. This is just another great way that the Apex AP-Pro Regent is providing you comfort and relaxation.

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