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Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Visit here for more Massage Chairs.



The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair includes some innovative new massage techniques.

The first technique is a sideways massage. This technique is only possible because of the real body scanning technology that maps the location of the shoulder blades. A sideways needing motion occurs. This places extra attention to your shoulders, an area that many people tend to carry a lot of stress. Since the massage rollers can protrude from the track, this massage chair is able to massage very high up on the shoulder. A squeezing motion is applied that accurately mimics the feel of a human hand. The squeezing pairs fantastically with the sideways massage.

The Apex AP-Pro Regent is going to focus on just your shoulders. An elaborate 31 airbag system will give you a massage on all of the areas that the rollers can’t reach. Airbags in the seat of the massage chair work with the back massager to improve the lower back massage as well as provide a compression massage to the gluteus muscles. The airbags hold your hips in place while the massage roller works to relieve built up stress in your lower back. The Pulse air massage system is designed to promote blood circulation, and stimulate muscle fibers throughout your body. You can feel this massage on different areas of you body.

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