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Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Review

Apex AP-Pro Regal Massage Chair Review

Please note, this massage chair has been discontinued. You can find our full list of massage chairs here.

Air Compression Massage: “The Next Generation”

With the Apex AP-Pro Regal only needing to have 28 airbags for its new full compression massage therapy, I received a particularly satisfying massage to my hips and thighs.

Dual Foot Roller Massage

There are two rows of foot massage rollers in the soles of the footrest. They will give you a great reflexology massage as the technique was tough and strong on my feet. If you are one who stands on your feet all day, you will also welcome the comfort and relaxation this massage chair offers.

To add to your reflexology massage technique in the Apex Regal, there are airbags all along the calves and feet providing for a compression massage. The airbags in the footrest work with the reflexology foot massagers increasing the value of the foot massage experience.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is very important to me and the lower back heat system in this chair worked nicely on my tight lower back muscles. The Apex AP-Pro Regal has two large heating pads that are located in the lumbar area of the backrest.

Space Saving Technology

The nicest feature I find in the Apex Regal is the space-saving technology. The chair only needs to be off the wall by a recommended 6”. Normally massage chairs with zero gravity technology need a foot or two separations from the wall, but the Regal can fit within almost any space you need it too.

Arms Massage

The Apex AP-Pro Regal offers an improvement to its arm compression massage. Rubberized nodules covered by spandex add to your massage experience.


Because massage chairs often have multiple boxes that can be difficult to put together on your own, we offer the “White Glove Delivery Service”. This service allows you the customer to have a delivery team carry the heavy boxes into your home, set up the massage chair in the room of your choice, and you’ll get to try out your new massage chair to ensure everything is set-up properly before they leave.

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