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Massage Chair Planet Summer Market | Infinity Massage Chairs

2023 Summer Market Recap- Infinity Massage Chairs

Adam from Massage Chair Planet introduces the latest innovations from Infinity - a leading name in massage chair technology. The spotlight is on the Riage 4D, available at a price of $5,500, making it a true game-changer in the industry. With an upgraded 45-inch L track, advanced 4D massage capabilities, and luxurious leather upholstery, this chair sets a new standard for L track enthusiasts. Noteworthy features include a quick access panel, dual rows of foot rollers, and calf rollers, all packed into a full wall hugger design. The Smart Chair X3 follows suit, impressing with its chiropractic extension and stretching programs designed for optimal spinal alignment.

The Genesis Max takes center stage, boasting an industry-leading 49-inch L track, three foot rollers per sole, calf rollers, and calf oscillation for a lifelike massage experience. The flagship model, the Luminary Syner-D Massage Chair, stands out with its dual roller mechanisms, offering simultaneous neck and back massage, targeted lumbar and sciatica relief, and a unique Flex Track feature for spinal alignment and decompression. The user-friendly tablet controller, chromotherapy lighting, and memory-saving programs add convenience for multiple users.

Massage Chair Planet is proud to partner with Infinity, offering these exceptional massage chairs to customers seeking luxury and unparalleled relaxation. With this remarkable lineup, clients can elevate their massage experience to new heights. Thanks to Michael for showcasing these outstanding products, as we remain dedicated to providing utmost satisfaction to our valued clientele.

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