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Osaki Master and Xrest Summer Market overview

Summer Market Preview - Osaki 4D Master and XRest Massage Chairs

In a recent visit to the Osaki Showroom at the Las Vegas market, Adam from Massage Chair Planet unveiled two new additions to the chair lineup - the Osaki Platinum 4D Master and the Platinum Xrest chair. These chairs share many features, with the primary distinction being a unique hood cover that creates a personal oasis for users. This hood envelops the head area, providing a private zone for relaxation while enhancing the audio experience with built-in speakers.

The standout feature of both chairs lies in their innovative design. They incorporate airbags that descend over the shoulders, combined with specialized elements that replicate the sensation of thumbs kneading the muscles in the back. Adam experienced the exceptional comfort of both chairs firsthand, highlighting their identical functionality. However, the Platinum Xrest chair offers an extra layer of isolation if desired, thanks to the unique hood design.

Both chairs share an L-track structure, ensuring a comprehensive massage experience that covers everything from the shoulders to the hamstrings. Notably, the upper region benefits from airbag technology, providing effective relief for the neck and shoulders. Heat functionality is also integrated into the chairs, not only for the back but also in the calf area.

Convenience features are abundant, including wireless charging and a USB port for devices that aren't wireless charging compatible. One-touch buttons on the chair's side facilitate easy control, from power management to intensity adjustments. The chair's back intensity can be mitigated using a removable magnetic pad, providing a tailored experience.

Adam further emphasized the inclusion of side airbags, calf rollers, foot airbags, and rollers, offering a comprehensive massage solution. The closed-toe design of the foot massage ensures a 3D-like experience. Overall, both chairs are showcased as exceptional options for those seeking a top-tier massage chair experience.

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