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Osaki OS-4000T vs OSIM uAstro2

Osaki OS-4000T vs OSIM uAstro2

When considering these two massage chairs it comes down to the critical differences we found in our comparison.

How They Look

We will begin with how they differ in color schemes. The OSIM uAstro2 comes only in black. The Osaki OS-4000T offers more colors, black, charcoal, brown and cream. The uAstro2 has more space in between the shoulders while the OS-4000T shoulder airbags protrude out further. The seat cushion in the OSIM chair is not as pillowed as on the Osaki model. The remote control panel on the OS-4000T is attached to the armrest of the chair and offers a wireless mini remote, while on the uAtsro2, the remote control is handheld and is stored on a side jacket on the chair. Finally, the bases of the chairs are similar in style.


Besides the differences aesthetically with the chairs, both models technologically are very similarly designed. Both the chairs offer body scanning, quad style roller systems, and the S-track design. So, it makes sense that the techniques and programs offered in these two massage chairs are closely identical.

What now has become an industry standard in massage chairs is the zero gravity recline function, which in the OS-4000T and uAstro2 are the same. Another great feature that both chairs have is the heated lumbar region, which can be turned on-or-off with the use of the remote.

The foot massage rollers offer you a full reflexology massage as the rollers are located in the soles of the footrest. The air compression massage on both chairs will hit the shoulders and make its way down to your calves. With the use of the remotes, you can adjust any of the programs to your liking.


If you are looking at what the Osaki OS-4000T and the OSIM uAstro2 offer you in technology and design, you are buying the same chair. But when you look at the manufacturer’s warranties on both these chairs, there is a significant difference. The OS-4000T gives you a 3-year warranty covering you in the first year with in-home services at zero cost to you, the second year covers replacement parts and the third year of your warranty covers only your framework. With the OSIM uAstro2, they offer a 1-year warranty which covers the massage chair replacement, parts or gives a store credit if the chair is returned.

The prices for the two massage chairs are significantly different; the OSIM uAtsro2 will cost you nearly $700 more than the Osaki OS-4000T, which sells for $2,895.


When it comes to the design of the two massage chairs you cannot go wrong with either. Just remember you do get more color options with the Osaki model and added comfort with the mini-wireless remote.

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