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Osaki OS-4000T vs Apex AP-Pro Ultra

Osaki OS-4000T vs Apex AP-Pro Ultra

You will find that these two massage chairs have unique differences in the look, and in the technology. So, this comparison will point out those similarities and differences to better educate you on what these two quality chairs can do.

How They Look

When the chairs are side-by-side you can tell right away what the differences are. Both chairs come with stylish leather upholstery and in four colors though a couple colors are different. The Apex AP-Pro Ultra is offered in black, brown, red and gray while the OS-4000T offers black, brown, cream, and charcoal. You will notice right away the shoulder airbags are shaped differently. The Osaki OS-4000T has rectangular airbags while the Apex AP-Pro Ultra massage chair has circular shoulder airbags. There is a remote control pad attached to the arm rest of the OS-4000T, while the AP-Pro Ultra remote is connected differently.


Both chairs offer very functional massages, but the techniques and technology differ quite a bit. Both chairs offer zero-gravity technology, but the Apex AP-Pro Ultra has an amazing stage 3 zero gravity system. The third stage of zero gravity offers a further reclined position. With the Osaki OS-4000T, you get the standard two stage zero gravity system.

L-Track vs. S-Track Systems

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra massage chair offers an L-track massage system, which the massage goes from the neck and shoulders down and to the upper thigh area. The L-track also provides better support for the neck and lumbar areas. While the Osaki OS-4000T massage chair has an S-style massage track which is 30” long and is designed to follow the curves your back.

Less Airbags or More Airbags

In the Apex AP-Pro Ultra, the airbag compression massage system has been modernized to reduce the overall number of airbags, but they still cover the same areas so you will still get a full massage. The reasoning for lowering the number of airbags is to reduce the stress put on the chair for better longevity. As for the Osaki OS-4000T, the air massage system has 48 airbags to give the user a full massage. Both chairs use the compression massage therapy systems which run from the shoulders to the feet.

The Heat Is On

Both of these chairs offer lumbar area and backrest heat massage therapy.

Foot Massage Rollers

Both of the massage models offer foot massage rollers for a reflexology massage. The rollers are located in the soles of the footrest and can easily be turned off by using the remote.

Arm Air Massagers

Both massage chairs offer armrests and compression air massage to your hands and arms. The AP-Pro Ultra massage chair has rubberized bumps that add to the massage experience. As for the OS-4000T, the armrests use the most simple compression airbag massage.

Body Scanning

The Osaki OS-4000T and the Apex AP-Pro Ultra both give you body scanning technology. When you first begin your massage session the chair will scan down from your shoulders to your lower back. This allows the massage chairs to scale the massage routine to your specific size which leaves you with a much more personalized experience.

Easy Screening and Remote Use

Both the Apex AP-Pro Ultra and Osaki OS-4000T have easy viewing screens to show you where you are at in your massage program. A big difference between the AP-Pro Ultra and the OS-4000T is how the remote is attached. Osaki puts their remote on top of the armrest in full sight. Along with this attachment, the OS-4000T has a wireless mini-controller located on the back of the pad. This mini-remote makes life easier while in the reclined position.


Both these massage chairs will give you a quality massage, but depending on how you like the massage rollers on your body, you will need to determine if the S-track is better suited for you, or the L-track system.

If you would like the read a full description about each massage chair please click on the links below, or give us a call at 888.220.4068, we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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