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Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer vs Apex Ap-Pro Regent

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer vs Apex Ap-Pro Regent

How They Look

The Apex Regent has a classic recliner look with built-in speakers for music located near where your head will rest. The Regent offers a large screen control pad that is attached to the armrest of the chair, and for quick changes to your massage session you have access to the quick pad located in the armrest where your fingers rest during the massage. For a more aesthetically pleasing room in your home, the Apex massage chair has the option to hide the bulky foot and leg ottoman by simply flipping it over. This chair comes in two colors both black and cream.

The Osaki Dreamer looks like a modern day massage chair with a hood put on top of it. The “Serenity” top houses two built-in speakers for music. It has a handheld remote control that is attached to the armrest of the chair. There are two blue LED lights located in the rear of the chair for chromotherapy along with a wood grain finish panel. The Osaki Dreamer comes in black, brown, cream and charcoal.


Zero Gravity Differences

The Osaki Dreamer massage chair offers two-stage zero gravity technology which is designed to improve almost every aspect of your massage experience. The Apex Regent does not offer zero-gravity technology, but because you control the head and feet recline of the chair, you can set yourself near zero gravity.

Heat Therapy Technology

Both chairs have heat therapy but offer different styles. In the Apex AP-Pro Regent, 60% more of your body is treated by the heat therapy technology. There are heating pads located in the back region of the chair and there is a heating blanket that comes over your head and rests on your chest allowing for both front and back heat therapy. Plus, the blanket has pockets to keep your hands warm, if you choose to take them out of the armrests. The Apex model also allows for heat therapy to your feet as a heat panel is pushed up against the soles warming the feet and ankles. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer provides you heat therapy with two heating pads located in the lumbar region of the chair.

Body Scanning

Both chairs offer body scanning technology. The Dreamer has the basic technology where the massage rollers go up and down your back to adjust itself to the curves of your body. The Regent goes even further than that as it detects your shoulder blades. This allows the massage chair to more accurately target your shoulder blade muscles with the sideways kneading massage technique.

New 4D Real Massage Technology

Osaki helped revolutionize massage chair technology with the 3D massage system, but the Regent takes this technology a step further. The Regent has 4D massage technology where the roller heads protrude from the chair 3.5”, allowing the massage chair to reach deeper into the tissue of your body as well as target specific muscle groups. Both massage chairs apply massage treatment to the shoulders, but the new technology in the Regent allows for more advanced and smarter massage techniques.

Ergonomic Arm Massagers

This feature definitely sets both these two massage chairs apart. In the Apex AP-Pro Regent, when you recline in the chair the armrests move along in symmetry with the chair, so your arms are always in the right position inside the armrests ensuring that they receive the full experience intended. The Osaki Dreamer’s armrests do not recline with the chair when going into zero gravity. This leaves your arms exposed and unable to get the full impact of the arm and hand massage treatment.

Deep Spot Function

The deep spot function of the Apex Regent is an effective tool to get the most out of your massage. If a part of your back is tight or sore, when the massage rollers get to that area simply hit the deep spot key on your controller and the massage chair will focus on that region. The Regent offers 11 pre-programmed massage routines: Refresh, Relax, Shiatsu, Morning, Night, Stretch, Energize, Shoulder, Lower Back, Quick, and Music. The Dreamer has seven massage programs: Quick, Full Air, Anti-Stress, Wake Up, Muscle Relief, Recovery, and Music Sync.

Foot Massage

Both massage chair models offer great foot massages in different ways. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer has foot massage roller technology in the soles of their ottoman. The system works by pushing and rolling up the soles of the feet to give you a reflexology massage. The heat therapy offered by the Apex AP-Pro Regent is a good feature added along with the rubber nodules used to give you their version of a reflexology massage. The system uses airbags to push up a heated plate against the soles of your feet.

MP3 Player & the Music Vibration

Both of these chairs offer a really cool system where the massage chair can move to the beat of the music playing from your mp3 player or smartphone. Just plug into the auxiliary connector and let the music play.


Both chairs have a three-year warranty. The Dreamer covers in the first year in-home service at no cost to you. The second year covers parts replacement only, and the third year your framework is covered. With the Regent, you’re covered for all costs including parts, labor, and in-home service. The following two years only the parts are covered.


In conclusion, the cost of the chairs could be your deciding factor. The Apex AP-Pro Regent runs a few hundred dollars more, but you get better heat therapy, updated 4D massage technology, which covers your shoulders extensively, and you get more intricate body scanning technology. The Regent will cost you $5995 after receiving a $1600 coupon. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer will cost you $5295 with a $1000 coupon.

If you need more information about either of these massage chairs follow the links below or just give us a call at 888.220.4068 so we can answer all of your questions.

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