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Osaki OS-3D Dreamer vs Infinity Altera

Osaki OS-3D Dreamer vs Infinity Altera

Right off the bat we will focus on one of the key features of the Infinity Altera. This chair has been designed to fit almost any body type. Many massage chairs focus on a body shape that is of a larger size. This results in smaller frames missing out on some of the benefits. The Altera massage chair is designed to work for someone of a larger size or smaller frame.

The airbags on the Altera massage chair have been redesigned. Normally when someone small gets in a massage chair, their shoulders will miss out on the majority of the massage, since the airbags focus on areas the quad roller L-track can not reach. The chair has been designed to accommodate users from heights of 4”6’ to 6”2’.

That doesn’t mean that the Osaki OS-3D Dreamer is not fitted with an amazing airbag system. 48 airbags have been strategically placed throughout the massage chair to provide a full body massage experience that brings relief from your shoulders and neck all the way down to your toes. The only problem is that if you are around 5 feet in height, you may miss out on the full benefit of this airbag system.

Side by Side comparison of the Infinity Altera on the left and the Osaki OS-3D Dreamer on the right.

When it comes to size you can visually see a difference between the two chairs. The Altera is not as wide as the Dreamer. This makes getting the chair into your home a lot easier. The Altera also features space saving technology. When the chair reclines, the base of the chair moves. That means it only needs a small distance from the wall for clearance. Chairs without space saving technology need a large amount of space behind them in order to recline without scraping the wall. The Dreamer comes in a variety of two-tone colors, but the Altera only comes in black or brown.

Side by Side comparison of the dimmensions between the Infinity Altera on the left and the Osaki OS-3D Dreamer on the right.

The massage track on these two chairs is also very different. The Altera has a 49” L-track massage system. This is one of the longest lengths in the industry. The quad rollers will massage from your neck to your upper thigh. The Dreamer uses an S-track 3D massage system. The S-track style follows the curve of your spine while the 3D feature is going to give you a deep tissue massage. Many uses love the 3D option, but it can be a bit intense for a casual user.

Each chair has different massage styles and slightly different airbag placement. The Dreamer has a few more program options and styles than the Altera. Bluetooth is present on the Altera and an audio jack is on the Dreamer. A feature that allows you to sync you massage to the music is also present. With the Infinity that is done through the massage rollers, while the Dreamer uses vibration plates in the seat of the chair. This is where the Altera is going to shine a little bit more, as it is a newer chair with more advanced technology.

At the end of the day both of these chairs are going to give you an amazing massage. When you consider your body shape, and the style of massage you are looking for, the decision between the Infinity Altera and the Osaki Dreamer will be a lot easier.

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