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Infinity Iyashi vs Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Infinity Iyashi vs Titan TP-Pro Alpine

Two of the better-known massage chair manufacturers for in-home use are Titan and Infinity Technologies. Titan massage chairs are known for the L-track massage systems which are specifically geared toward support of the neck and shoulders. The relaxation of the body is what designers have in mind as their goal, while in the Infinity Therapeutics they focus on the healthful benefits of inversion therapy.

In this massage chair comparison, we are taking the Titan TP-Pro Alpine and the Infinity Iyashi and putting them to the test to see which one comes out on top.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The massage chairs are made with synthetic leather to keep you cozy while you are going through your massage session. If you are worried about your home decor and matching your massage chair with what you already have in place, these two chairs are offered in a multitude of colors. First, the Alpine massage chair comes in four colors, black, brown, red and a cool white. The Iyashi comes in five, two-tone color schemes, black & caramel, white & black, white & caramel, white & berry red, and all black.

The two chairs are very different in their appearances. The Titan Alpine looks more inviting because of the higher back and airy feel it gives off, while the Infinity Iyashi seems more cumbersome at the top, almost like you are getting into a helmet. The Iyashi encapsulates you with the design of the shoulder airbags protruding out, and both of the makers of these massage chairs recommend people between 5' and 6'5" use their chairs.



The massage chairs share many of the same technological advancements so we will go through those quickly and spend more time on the differences of the chairs later in this article.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity: Once you get into these two massage chairs and turn them on, you can go into zero gravity. Both the Iyashi and Alpine offer two-stage zero gravity technology, where you are positioned in such a way that your back can better decompress allowing for a deeper and stronger massage. NASA engineers discovered that by putting their astronauts in a reclined position where their legs are just above the heart during liftoff of a spacecraft, there was less stress put on the joints, so now it is used in all the high-end massage chairs to relax your back.

The second stage of the zero gravity puts you in an even deeper recline where your body weight will be concentrated on the backrest of the massage chair and the massage on your back will be even more intensified.

L-Track Massage System: The Alpine and Iyashi developers both put an innovative L-track massage system in the backs of their chairs. This will work wonders on your neck, shoulders, and back because this technology allows the chair to give better support at those parts of the body. This advanced system reaches further into your back, striking the tissue normal massage chairs cannot get to because it separates the discs in your spine to decompress each one individually for a smoother massage session. Both massage chair manufacturers claim the reach of their L-track system will touch at least 30% more surface area of your body.

Body Scanning Technology: Both of these massage chairs offer the standard body scanning technology that is offered in just about every high-end massage chair. Before the chair begins your massage session, the rollers in the backrest move up your back, to your shoulders, to get a reading of your individual curves and get a sense of your height. This way the experience of the massage is more personalized.

Heat Therapy: Almost every modern massage chair includes some kind of heat therapy especially in the lower lumbar region of the chair to help the hips and buttock, and with two heating pads located in the lumbar region, that is no different with these two massage chairs.

Reflexology Massage: The Alpine and Iyashi both offer massage rollers in the soles of the footrest to provide a strong and soothing reflexology massage. With the use of airbags in the footrest pushing down on your feet, you receive an even deeper massage to the bottom of your feet that allow a more relaxing sense to your entire body because both chairs specifically work on the acupressure points of your feet.

Air Compression Massage: Air compression massage is very important when delivering a full body massage experience. The Alpine and Iyashi both use airbags to produce this massage technique. There are airbags strategically located throughout both massage chairs that clearly work on particular parts of your body. The airbags work everything from the tops of your shoulders, down to your arms, hands, hips, legs, calves, and feet.


Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage

The Infinity Iyashi offers a specialized shoulder massage to differentiate itself from most other massage chairs including the Alpine. The technology works in part with the body scanning system where the massage chair detects the upper part of the back and shoulder, so you receive an even more, targeted massage session that reaches into your upper body. The designers of the Iyashi know that most people when finished with their massage still have tightness in the upper portion of the neck, and shoulders, so they worked long-and-hard in developing this functional system. The back of your shoulders, along with the sides of your shoulders, receive a focused massage, with the use of the airbags and back massage rollers.

In the Alpine massage chair, the shoulder massage is a standard one that works on the back area of the shoulders, from the top downward.

Spinal Correction

The Infinity Iyashi features a spinal correction method in this massage chair. Combining the use of the hip airbags, with the shoulder airbags, and the L-track roller system, you'll notice the spinal correction working, by twisting your waist and stretching your back. Before you know it, your aches and pains will be gone and your muscles will be even looser than before, giving you the benefit of standing up stronger and taller.

The Titan Alpine does not offer this type of technique.

Space-Saving Technology

The best function that perhaps separates these two massage chairs is the space-saving quality you receive with the Iyashi massage chair. You can place this chair within 12" of a corner, or wall without worrying about banging it, because when the chair begins to recline into zero gravity, the base of the chair will move forward, allowing for a safe recline.

Entertainment Value

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine has a wonderful and very functional remote pad you can use. You are able to make simple adjustments to the speed, width, and strength of your massage, or even regulate the intensity of the air compression massage the chair offers. With the Iyashi, there are tremendous upgrades where you can download their iOS and Android App and marry it to the Bluetooth technology offered with this massage chair, so you can have total control of the massage chair's functions right from your smartphone or other electronic devices.

The Iyashi massage chair also will play your music through its Intersound Technology. The sound system is built into the design of the chair with top-of-the-line speakers, so your massage session is, even more, private and personal, or you can simply plug-in your headphones.

In Conclusion

The Infinity Iyashi does offer more advanced technology than the Titan TP-Pro Alpine but at about $400 more. The Alpine costs you $5495 while the Iyashi goes for $5895. Both of these massage chairs include a 3yr. limited warranty covering everything the first year at no cost to you, and with in-home service. They differ slightly in the final two years. With the Alpine, you get parts and structural framework of the massage chair in the second year and the third year covers just the structural frame of the chair. With the Iyashi massage chair, you receive coverage on the parts inside the massage chair for the remaining two years.

If you would like more information on either massage chair or to purchase one of these fine massage chairs go to the description page on .

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