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Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia EC-363e

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia EC-363e

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia EC-363e Massage Chair Comparison

Comparing two high-end massage chairs from a couple of well-known industry leaders can help give you the edge on determining which chair best suits your needs. The Osaki OS-4000t and the Cozzia EC-363e have many similarities and just enough differences to make each one stand out.

Osaki OS-4000t vs. Cozzia EC-363e Massage Chair Comparison

The two companies take pride in their names and their models, and both of which will give you a superior massage. The similarities are many.

How They Look

Both are aesthetically pleasing. Osaki offers more colors to its leather covering; black, brown, cream, and charcoal, while Cozzia only makes their model in black and brown. You’ll notice the Cozzia is boxier than the Osaki. They both come with remote control pads that fit on the arms of the chairs. The EC-363e has more room on top of the armrest so the wires are hidden while the OS-4000t has the wire running along the interior of the arm rest but is very noticeable. The Cozzia leg rest adjusts to different heights so no matter what you will fit comfortably. The EC-363e also has a lift feature to help people stand up out of the chair.


The technology of the two chairs is very similar. Both the Osaki OS-4000t and Cozzia EC-363e have six massage styles to choose from as well as spot massage programs to massage different parts of the body.

Airbags Are an A+

The airbag massage in the chairs presents a comprehensive head to toe massage. Both chairs come with a good amount of airbags located throughout the chairs. The airbags on the OS-4000t are of high quality and are multi-layered to help prevent punctures from hampering the system. It’s also important to note that the OS-4000t has 48 airbags, whereas the EC-363e only has 35.

Massage Roller Comparison

The massage roller systems are identical in the massage chairs, having Quad rollers built on an S-track. This design makes the roller conform to the body and provide a smoother massage.

Therapeutic Heat Comparison

Heat therapy is included in both chairs where heat therapy pads are put in the lower lumbar area, which will help loosen up your muscles in the lower and mid back.

Both of the massage chairs have two-stage zero gravity technology to enhance relaxation and intensify the massage experience, wireless mini remotes are included for you to control the massage chair when reclined.

The Differences

The Osaki OS-4000t is upgraded with foot massage rollers in the soles of the foot rest which provides a reflexology massage to your feet. The EC-363e doesn’t have this. The Cozzia has a lift feature, which I mentioned earlier, to help users get out of the chair, Osaki does not have this feature.

The Cozzia EC363e has a free 5-year warranty that provides in-home service for all parts and labor, while the Osaki OS-4000t warranty will cover your first year with in-home services at no cost, the second year gives you in-home service covering replacement parts, but not your costs associated with your replacement and the third year of your warranty covers only the framework.


It is clear that both chairs will give a great massage. If you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to easily get up out of a chair the Cozzia EC-363e has the unique lift feature included in its chair. If you want a stronger massage the Osaki offers more airbag massage technology in its chair. So all-in-all you can’t go wrong with either chair.

If you have any more questions about either the Osaki OS-04000t or the Cozzia EC-363e massage chairs click on the link below or give us a call at at 888.346.3220.

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