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Infinity Iyashi vs Kahuna LM-8800

Infinity Iyashi vs Kahuna LM-8800

Two high-end massage chairs which offer unique features and some of the same innovative technologies in the design of the chairs are the Infinity Iyashi and Kahuna LM-8800. We compared the two massage chairs and here is what we found.


Even though the Infinity Iyashi and Kahuna LM-8800 look fairly similar in structure, they are quite distinctive. The Iyashi is much boxier looking with its sharp corners, and sleek design. For instance, the shoulder airbags are squared, while the LM-8800 offers circular shoulder airbags in its chic curved design that is similar to a cradle. The footrest included in the Iyashi is unusual because you have to step up into the footrest or spread your legs apart to sit down in the massage chair. The Kahuna offers a more common footrest to place your feet in. Kahuna has a remote pad attached to the chair while Iyashi is strictly app related with connectivity with Bluetooth, and your own device. We'll learn more about that feature later in the article.

Finally, the Kahuna LM-8800 comes in 6 provocative colors, brown, ivory, lilac, peacock green, orange, and red. The Iyashi comes in 5, two-tone color schemes, black & caramel, white & black, white & caramel, white & berry red, and all black.



There are several functions that both these massage chairs share, so I will just touch on those now.

Two-Stage Zero Gravity: This is a perfect way to receive a deep tissue massage. Once you are in the chair, you are lowered into a reclined position, where your legs are raised up to about the level of your heart. This will help your back to decompress better. It is a development by the NASA engineers, who discovered by putting astronauts in this zero gravity position, their bodies were supported properly, and they could handle liftoffs adequately.

The second stage of zero gravity places you into a more reclined position, where your body weight is totally fixed on the backrest of the massage chair, which allows for even more decompression to your joints, by relaxing your back muscles.

Body Scanning Technology: The Iyashi and LM-8800 massage chairs both offer the industry standard, body scanning technology, where massage rollers in the backrest of the chair, glide up your spine to map your body's curves and figure out the height from your shoulders to your lower back. This will ensure you receive a personalized massage experience.

Space-Saving Technology: You will love the advancement made with space-saving quality in either of these two massage chairs. Both chairs when reclining into zero gravity have the base able to move forward, so the chair doesn't need to be more than 6" away from any corner or wall in your house.

Foot Massage Rollers: If you are someone who is on their feet all day, and you need a healthy way to reinvigorate your feet both of these massage chairs offer a fantastic foot massage. There are foot massage rollers located in the soles of the footrests that grant a strong massage. Both the Iyashi and the LM-8800 foot massage rollers work in tandem with airbags in the footrest, pushing your feet down so that the acupressure points in your feet are worked properly to relieve foot pain and pressure on the rest of your body.

Bluetooth Technology & Quality Speakers: These two massage chairs both offer Bluetooth technology, so you can control your massage through any of your electronic devices. You will also be able to entertain yourself while receiving massage therapy by playing music through the built-in speaker system in both the LM-8800 and Iyashi massage chairs. The high-quality speakers used in the design of the massage chairs will help you relax while receiving your massage session.

Compression Air Massage: Both the Kahuna LM-8800 and Infinity Iyashi have wonderful compression massages that work your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs, calves and feet. The only difference is in the number of strategically placed airbags included in each massage chair, the Iyashi has 38 airbags, and the LM-8800 has 44.

Differences in the Iyashi & LM-8800 Massage Chairs

Both of these massage chairs include technology that work different parts of your body and in differing ways. I will highlight the biggest ones.


The Kahuna LM-8800 has 3D massage technology where the back massage roller heads protrude outward about 3", to produce an amazing deep tissue massage, across your whole back, while it still reaches the tops of your shoulders and neck, to give you a fulfilling upper body massage. Part of the reason this massage chair can offer this technique is the S-track system in which the massage chair is built on. The S-track can better mimic the human spine and the curves in it. By combining this with the Quad-Style Massage Rollers, which also provides the body scanning, it presents a more personalized massage from your shoulders, down to your lower back.

Intuitive LCD Remote

The Intuitive LCD remote that the LM-8800 offers with the massage chair is easy to use, very functional as you can have total control of your massage intensity and speed, and with the LCD screen, it is very easy to follow where your massage is during the session.

There are 8 pre-programmed massage programs set up in the intuitive LCD remote for you to choose from:

  • Relax
  • Dynamic
  • Stretch
  • Anti-Stress
  • Refreshing
  • Deep Massage
  • Vitality
  • Sleep Aid

The sleep aid massage is fantastic to use right before bed as it will help you relax easier because of its soothing massage therapy.

Also included with your pleasure in mind, 7 massage modes to work the areas you really need special attention:

  • Head & Neck
  • Whole Back
  • Waist
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Whole Body Airbag & Foot
  • Auto Timer

The auto timer is geared specifically toward safety, in case you fall asleep during your massage session. You can easily set the timer ahead of time to 5 minutes, or up to 15 minutes, with the use of the handy remote pad.


The Infinity Iyashi has its own very comfortable massage techniques. It has an L-track system that reaches from the top of your neck and shoulders and works all the way down to your upper thighs. The L-track is special because of the scope of its 49" massage roller stroke. It designers of this massage chair boast its ability to cover 35% more surface area of your body because of this specially made L-track. The L-track also offers the ability to work on each vertebra of your spine individually to personalize your massage session. Combined with this tracking technology the chair is able to offer you Spinal Correction therapy because the back rollers, hip airbags, and shoulder airbags work in tandem to twist and stretch your back helping to loosen up your muscles and relieve your aches and pain. Since the L-track has the 49" stroke you can get a wonderful Accu-Roll Shoulder massage technique found only in Infinity Therapeutic massage chairs. The Iyashi also offers heat therapy which the LM-8800 does not. In the lower lumbar region, there are two large heating pads to help soothe your hips and lower back.

Connectivity with Bluetooth and iOS & Android App

The use of Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone or whatever electronic device to your chair to easily control every function the Iyashi offers. The downloadable app for iOS and Android offers you the ability to use the device you already are used to having in your hand so you can not have to sit up to use a pad or remote, you are always one touch a way from changing your speed, width, or intensity of the massage experience.

The Iyashi has 6 massage styles in which you can choose from and with the ability to combine massage styles together for an ideal response by your body.

In Conclusion

Both of these massage chairs are great buys, The Iyashi is $5595 and it has a great 3yr. limited warranty to go along with it. The Kahuna LM-8800 has an even better 5 yr. limited warranty and it will come to your home fully assembled. There is NO assembly required and for this the price is $4699, plus with built-in castors providing you with easy movement in any room, you will love this functionality.

In the end, the biggest difference between these two massage chairs is the backrest massage roller tracks. If you love a strong and deep massage with protruding roller heads then the S-track system in the Kahuna LM-8800 is your best bet, while, if you have back pain issues, the decompression by using the L-track system in the Infinity Iyashi will help your spine with a soothing massage individually separating your vertebra.

For more information on one of these two massage chairs, or to keep looking for a quality massage chair, click on the link for a list of other manufacturers and models.

If you have any questions or just want to talk about massage chairs send us an email at Rather instantly talk to a person? That works for us too! Give us a call at (888) 346-3220. We can even be reached directly through the Live Chat option on the page.

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