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Titan OS-Pro Summit Massage Chair Review

Please note this chair has been discontinued. Check out our other Titan massage chairs here.

The Titan OS-Pro Summit is a feature-packed chair that is going to give you a full-body experience. Body scan technology will determine where your body is positioned in the chair. The body scan is carried into the legs with the calf and foot massager having the ability to make adjustments to the user's legs. The L-Track design is going to work your muscles starting at your neck all the way down to your upper thigh. This is going to allow the chair to cover many of the spots that your body carries stress. Enhanced by heat in the lumbar area and it is sure to alleviate lower backaches.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity recline is present in this chair. That means that the chair will put you in a position that allows your legs to rest higher than your heart. This position has been determined to be optimal for receiving a massage.

Foot Rollers

The foot rollers feature reflexology techniques that are going to hit all of the important pressure points in your feet. Compression is established with multiple airbags are placed along each side and at the back of the Pro Summit footrest. Compiled with the foot rollers this is going to create an impressive foot massage.

Airbag System

Often the sound of airbags inflating and deflating is prominent during your massage. Titan has addressed this by lowering the total number of working valves drastically, but at the same time increasing the volume and surface area that the airbags cover. Each arm of the chair has airbags positioned to create a compression massage. The result is increased circulation and therapeutic relief.

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