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Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Review

Please note this massage chair has been discontinued. You can find other Titan Massage Chairs here.

The Titan Pro Executive has 3D roller technology along with many other impressive features. This chair is going to give you an intense neck and shoulder massage, which will then continue all the way down your entire spine. Even the foot rollers have a deep kneading technique. This is a chair that will focus on a deep massage from top to bottom.

3D Roller Technology

The Titan Pro Executive highlights its 3D Roller Technology. The roller can extend up to 4” into the body delivering a deep massage. If you are not in the mood for a deep massage you can choose an option with a lighter touch. The roller mechanism can be adjusted in both the auto and manual programs. While we are focusing on the deep massage aspect of the Executive, there is another way to look at this feature. If you are purchasing a 3D massage chair, you can always make it give you a lighter massage. Purchasing a 2D massage chair will never allow you to create a deeper massage. While you may not want a deep massage all the time, it is nice to have the option.

Full Body Air Compression

79 airbags are strategically placed throughout the massage chair. They are located in the shoulders, arms, seat, hips, legs, calves, and feet. A compression massage is provided that will hit all the spots that the rollers are not able to reach. The Titan Pro Executive has an amazing air compression system and will leave you walking away with a satisfying full body massage.

Neck & Shoulder Massager

The 3D roller can extend over the shoulder and press down on the top of the shoulders. This is a feature that you will not find in many massage chairs. People that carry stress in their neck and shoulders will really appreciate this style of massage.

Full Body Stretch Program

The Titan Pro Executive stretches your back, waist, and legs. It uses the 3D roller technology to stretch the upper back and chest. The air compression in the seat provides a torso twist stretching the lower back. The chair then will recline back to stretch out your lower back and waist.

Deep Kneading Foot Massage

80 massage nodes are spread out over three rollers in the footrest. This chair has the ability to cover the majority of your foot in the massage experience. Most chairs only focus on the bottom of your feet. After standing all day, this feature is going to make you glad that you purchased the Titan Pro Executive.

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