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D.Core At CES 2020

D.Core At CES 2020

D.Core Announces Its Presence at the Consumer Electronics Show

Just on the other side of the Ohco booth, another member of the Furniture for Life Family, D.Core, showed off their massage chair booth. These chairs are quite new to the massage chair world, and we just started carrying them here at MassageChairPlanet.Com.

The D.Core massage chairs are designed to offer a deep tissue experience that leaves nothing to be desired, and during this year’s CES the booth was an exciting, busy scene where nearly everyone was enjoying a massage to ease their aches and pains from walking the event. 

d.core at ces 2020

If you don’t know much about D.Core, here’s the buzz.

D.Core answers consumers’ desire for both style and function. D.Core massage chairs are traditional Japanese-style paired together with modern science. D.Core, which stands for Deep Core, is a brand that has taken it upon themselves to outdo the typical look of modern massage chairs while also paying keen attention to providing incredible technical performance and luxurious traditional beauty that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

Based on the classic and sensuous mood unique to Japan, the Wabi-Sabi design was built to provide sweeping curves. D.Core wants to give every consumer a respite from their busy schedule and enjoy ultimate relaxation.

Contemporary Looks Meet Deep Tissue Technology

D.Core massage chairs are traditional Japanese-style with modern science at the heart. These chairs were developed under the guidance of Inada Soshu, the son of the CEO of Inada massage chairs.

D.Core combines the experience of renowned therapist Dr. Izawa with top engineering and Japanese-style design to develop chairs that provide healing Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, and look gorgeous while doing it. There are two brand new massage chairs in the D.Core lineup- the Cloud and the Cirrus.

The Cloud

In the Cloud massage chair, you’ll find D.Core’s patented True Shiatsu Action. This technology simulates the finger and joint structure and organic movements that a massage therapist can perform. You’ll receive a remarkably life-like massage that alleviates pain, improves mobility, and magnifies overall wellness. The Cloud also provides nine automatic programs: Quick, Restore, Recovery, Circulation, Morning, Night, Neck and Shoulders, Lower Back, and Air Focus.

In addition to the elegant aesthetic, the D.Core Cloud incorporates some of the most desired features that buyers solicit regularly, including Wall-hugging, which only needs 5” behind the chair to fully recline, an L-Track of 35.4” that reaches from the neck to down to the glutes, and zero gravity where the full weight of your back is supported by the backrest, increasing the intensity of the massage. The zero gravity position elevates the knees above the chest to increase blood flow.

That attractive D.Core design is seen in the use of real black walnut wood to elicit the feel of traditional Japanese beauty and the internal system uses 40 air cells arranged throughout the chair to massage the arms, shoulders, calves, and legs. The D.Core Cloud also features two foot rollers, which imitate the feeling of finger-and-thumb reflexology and serve vital pressure points correlated to major areas throughout the body.

The Cirrus

With the same technology, the Cirrus offers patented True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays for a more realistic and therapeutic massage than any other chair on the market. The Wave Arrays – found in the Cirrus’s arms and legs – are the first and only massage chair arms to feature mechanical massage units instead of solely relying on airbags. Complete with real black walnut trim and comforting heat, the Cirrus is the finest combination of therapeutic massage and luxurious design.

This massage chair also offers nine automatic programs- Quick, Master Shiatsu, Recovery, Circulation, Morning, Night, Neck and Shoulders, Lower Back, and Air Focus. Plus, it includes those highly sought after characteristics customers want- an L-Track at 35.4” long, starting from the neck to down through the glutes to the hamstrings, zero gravity, air massage, which has 41 air cells throughout the chair, six calf rollers, and two foot rollers.

These chairs are sure to be a new customer favorite with the amazingly precise 4D rollers that can feel like they themselves are vibrating and penetrating deep into your muscles. Their beautiful new look is one that no other massage chair can proclaim.

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