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Summer Market Osaki Duo Max Preview

Summer Market Preview - Osaki Platinum Duo Max Massage Chair Introduction

Introducing the remarkable Duo Max, an outstanding addition to Osaki's prestigious Platinum Series of massage chairs. What sets the Duo Max apart is its innovative dual roller system, a feature that takes your massage experience to an entirely new level. This revolutionary design encompasses two distinct sets of rollers—one for the back and another for the seat cushion.

Imagine the possibilities: as you sink into the chair, you can choose between a rejuvenating back massage or a targeted seat cushion massage for your glutes and hamstrings. This versatility ensures a tailored experience, from invigorating deep tissue relief to a gentler, soothing touch.

Crafted from premium materials, the Duo Max exudes an air of luxury with its leather-like texture that's not just pleasing to the eyes, but also soft to the touch. Moreover, the chair's adaptability shines through. If you seek a more immersive massage, components can be detached to bring the rollers closer to your back and neck. And for those desiring a milder touch, the chair's settings can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Among its standout features is the advanced heat therapy, which can be applied to either the shawl for your front or the rollers for your back. You have the flexibility to select between these heat options independently or simultaneously, ensuring an experience that's just right for you.

However, the Duo Max doesn't solely rely on its remarkable roller design. It introduces Osaki's innovative Health Doctor feature—a sensor-based system that detects stress levels. As you experience the massage, the chair targets areas of heightened stress, as indicated by color-coded visuals on the screen. A range of automatic programs further complements this intelligent feature.

The attention to detail is evident in every facet of the Duo Max. It encompasses rollers in the calf and arm areas, side airbags for the hips and waist, and a distinctive oscillating calf massage. The chair even caters to varying foot sizes with its size-adjustable footrest.

The Duo Max doesn't just deliver an unparalleled massage experience; it's also designed for seamless usability. Instant controls, wireless charging, USB ports, power and intensity dials, and a one-touch zero gravity button make the chair effortlessly user-friendly. Plus, the integration of voice commands adds a touch of futuristic convenience, allowing you to control the chair with ease.

The Duo Max is more than a massage chair; it's a personalized haven of relaxation and relief. If you're ready to immerse yourself in its exceptional dual roller technology and explore its comprehensive range of features, we invite you to visit our showroom for an unforgettable firsthand experience.

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