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Osaki OP Vera 4D Massage Chair

by Osaki
Original price $8,999.00
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Original price $8,999.00
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Current price $7,999.00

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Color: Brown

Osaki OP Vera 4D

Osaki Vera 4D title image

Introducing Vera, the revolutionary 4D massage chair that takes relaxation to a whole new dimension. Designed with cutting-edge technology and advanced features, Vera offers an unparalleled therapeutic experience that transcends the traditional realm of massage chairs. This highly advanced massage system is driven by its Ai technology that tailors the most optimal massage based on your body’s condition.

    • Intelligent Health Detection
    • 4D Massage Mechanism
    • Touchscreen Remote Controller
    • SL-Track Massage Mechanism
    • 72 Cell Full Body Air Massage
    • Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving
    • Lumbar and Calf Heat Therapy
    • 12 Automatic Massage Modes
    • 9 Manual Massage Styles
    • Specialized Foot Rollers
    • Automatic Extendable Footrest
    • Extended Calf Rest
    • Removable Headrest
    • LED Lighting
    • HD Surround Sound Speakers
    • Phone Pocket & Remote Holder
Osaki Vera 4D health sensor location

Intelligent Health Detection

The Osaki Ai Vera 4D is equipped with a built-in health detector. The chair's Ai technology can provide a personalized massage experience according to your body's current condition. It can then adjust the massage techniques, intensity, and areas of focus accordingly.

Osaki Vera 4D  4D massage mecainism illustration

4D Massage Mechanism

Vera combines precise control and intelligent sensors to create a customized massage tailored to your body's unique contours. The 4D functionality enables the chair to mimic human-like motions, providing a lifelike massage that targets every muscle group with incredible precision.

Osaki Vera 4D touch screen remote

Touchscreen Remote Controller

The Osaki Vera 4D massage chair is a user-friendly device with its touchscreen controller. The inclusion of a touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate through various programs and adjust settings according to your preferences.

Osaki Vera 4D SL track location

SL-Track Massage Mechanism

The SL-Track is made up of Laser-Crafted Steel. The track allows the massage rollers to cover the entirety of your body. The SL-Track reaches all the way from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.

Osaki Vera 4D air massage locations

72 Cell Full Body Air Massage

1. Shoulder

2. Armrest

3. Calf

4. Foot

Osaki Vera 4D zero gravity position

Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving

The Osaki Vera 4D massage chair is created to give users a relaxing experience using NASA's Zero Gravity Technology. By reclining into two stages of zero-gravity, users can experience a state of weightlessness that helps release pressure on the body. With Osaki’s Space Saving Technology , the user may place the massage 9 inches from the wall and still accomplish a complete recline.

Osaki Vera 4D heat therapy locaitons

Lumbar and Calf Heat Therapy

The carbon coil in the Vera uses graphene heating to efficiently warm and help relieve soreness in your lower back area and calf areas.

12 Automatic Massage Modes

    • Rejuvenate
    • Sports
    • Shiatsu
    • Relax
    • Swedish
    • Neck & Upper Back
    • General Wellness
    • Hip Flexor
    • Deep Tissue
    • Thai
    • Gentle Touch
    • Sleep

9 Manual Massage Styless

    • • Knead (I, II)
    • • Rolling
    • • Tapping (I, II)
    • Kneading & Tapping (I, II)
    • Shiatsu (I, II)
    • Kneading & Shiatsu (I, II)
    • Swedish (I, II)
    • Kneading & Clapping (I, II)
    • Clapping (I, II)
Osaki Vera 4D foot roller illustration

Specialized Foot Rollers

These specialized foot rollers are equipped with acupuncture points through the method of scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The foot rests each contain 3 rollers, for they help relieve muscle and connective tension.

Osaki Vera 4D extendable foot rest

Automatic Extendable Footrest

The Osaki Vera 4D Massage Chair offers an automatic extendable footrest with the ability to stretch up to 6.6 inches, which allows for customization to accommodate various height preferences.

Osaki Vera 4D calf rest extension

Extended Calf Rest

The length of the calf rest is 13 inches, which is more extensive than the calfrest length of typical massage chairs. Vera’s calf rest was created to provide more coverage for the calf areas but to include users of various body types.

Osaki Vera 4D removable headrest

Removable Headrest

The Vera comes with a removable headrest, which may help you customize the best massage for all head positions.

  • Osaki Vera 4D led lighting locations

    LED Lighting

  • Osaki Vera 4D  HD speaker location

    HD Surround Sound Speakers

  • Osaki Vera 4D  phone and remote pocket

    Phone Pocket & Remote Holder



51"L x 30.5"W x 50"H


66.9"L x 30.5"W x 47.2"H








203.9 lbs Net


51" x 30.5" x 50" | 235.9 lbs lbs


Assembled - 30.5"

Disassembled - 28"






5 Minute Increments up to 30




260 lbs