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Ogawa Master Drive DUO Massage Chair

by Ogawa
Original price $15,999.99 - Original price $15,999.99
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$15,999.99 - $15,999.99
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This model is cuurently out of stock and not expected to ship untill late September
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Color: Black-Champagne

Ogawa Master Drive DUO Massage Chair

ogawa masterdrive duo title image

Experience the future of massage with the Ogawa Master Drive DUO. Featuring Duo 4D+3D rollers, AI-powered customization, and patented stretch techniques, this chair delivers a personalized massage unlike any other. Enjoy 25 automatic programs, targeted air compression, heat therapy, and deep tissue kneading for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Control your experience with the touchscreen tablet, voice commands, or M-Drive controls. It's all-in-one wellness for the modern home.

    • Duo 4D+3D Vario Motion Rollers
    • SL-Track
    • AI Powered Chair Doctor
    • Air Compression Massage
    • 25 Automatic Programs
    • Patented Stretch Techniques
    • 2 Stage Zero Gravity Recline
    • Calf Heat Therapy
    • Deep Calf Kneading
    • Kneading Foot Massage
    • Heat Therapy
    • Touchscreen Tablet
    • M-DRIVE Controls
    • On-Demand Voice Control
    • On-Demand Voice Control
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • SpO2 Sensor
    • Leg Extension
    • Max 15W Wireless Charging
    • Max 45W USB-C Charging


ogawa masterdrive duo dual massage rollers

All New Duo 4D+3D Vario Motion Rollers

Introducing the Duo 4D+3D Vario Motion Rollers, revolutionizing at-home massage. Experience the precision of the 4D roller targeting the mid-back to neck, and a second 3D roller seamlessly gliding from the mid-back to the glutes. With meticulous speed adjustments and a wider massage area, these advanced rollers, featuring medical-grade silicone, provide a lifelike feel for the ultimate therapeutic relaxation at every level.

ogawa masterdrive duo flexible sl strack


Experience enhanced massage coverage and increased healing and relaxation with the flexible SL-Track in the Ogawa Master Drive DUO massage chair. This innovative design allows the massage rollers to adapt to the natural curvature of the spine, providing a more comprehensive and personalized massage experience for ultimate comfort and therapeutic benefits.

ogawa masterdrive duo ai chair doctor

AI Powered Chair Doctor

Using AI technology, this innovative feature prescribes a customized massage based on your current tension and stress levels. The intelligence handle incorporates PPG technology to read your heart rate, GSR Control sensors for emotional state analysis, and even SPA Blood Oxygen Level sensing, ensuring a uniquely tailored massage experience for optimal relaxation and well-being.

ogawa masterdrive duoair bag locations

Air Compression Massage

Air compression massage aids in circulation for faster healing and better overall health. The Master Drive DUO employs 32 air compression chambers strategically placed at the neck and shoulders, thigh, waist, arms, calves, and knees to target and release stiffness. The air compression areas can be independently adjusted with 3 levels of intensity.

ogawa masterdrive duo automatic programs

Automatic Programs

Discover your ideal massage effortlessly through the Ogawa Master Drive DUO's 25 Automatic Programs, incorporating Real-Life Chiropractic Techniques and diverse massage modalities suitable for the entire family. Tailor your massage experience and save up to 3 personalized settings for quick access to your preferred programs, ensuring a customized and enjoyable relaxation session.

ogawa masterdrive duo patented stretch teniques

Patented Stretch Techniques

Revolutionizing your experience, the Ogawa Master Drive Duo introduces patented stretch techniques. Unlike other chairs with fixed L-shaped tracks, the flexible track allows the Master Drive Duo to lie flatter, enabling incredible stretching benefits. 5 distinctive stretch programs, meticulously crafted by a council of over 800 doctors and engineers for unparalleled comfort and well-being.

ogawa masterdrive duo 2 stage zero gravity positions

2 Stage Zero Gravity Recline

The 2-Stage Zero Gravity Recline lifts your knees around the heart level, reducing pressure on the spine, distributing gravity's force across the body, enhancing circulation, and lowering blood pressure. The Zero Gravity position promotes relaxation and intensifies the massage experience by applying additional pressure to the rollers. Select from 2 positions for a personalized and rejuvenating experience.

ogawa masterdrive duo calf heat

Calf Heat Therapy

Indulge in the ultimate care for your calves with heat therapy in the Master Drive DUO. This system combines heated massage with air pressure, providing much needed relief in your calves. Immerse yourself in total relaxation as the heated calf massage takes care of these crucial parts of your body, often overlooked in daily life.

ogawa masterdrive duo deep calf kneading massage

Deep Calf Kneading

Experience targeted care for your calves with the Ogawa Master Drive DUO's Deep Calf Kneading. This advanced feature employs proven Calf Kneading Functions, as the center section of the legrest executes a slow and precise figure-8 movement for an effective calf massage.

ogawa masterdrive duo foot massage rollers location

Kneading Foot Massage

Experience a soothing Kneading Foot Massage with the Ogawa Master Drive SUO, as it intelligently utilizes memory foam to apply targeted force along the sides and tops of your feet, providing maximum relief.

ogawa masterdrive duo heat therapy location

Heat Therapy

Experience targeted relief with Heat Therapy in the Ogawa Master Drive DUO. This feature delivers soothing warmth to the lower lumbar and seat region, effectively alleviating lower back tension and promoting relaxation in the underlying muscles and joints. Enjoy the benefits of this therapeutic heat therapy for enhanced comfort and well-being.

ogawa masterdrive duo touch screen table

Touchscreen Tablet

Experience seamless navigation of massage programs and settings with the Touchscreen Tablet on the Ogawa MasterDrive DUO. Effortlessly tailor massage programs or create your custom regimen, all at your fingertips. With support for five languages, personalize your massage experience with ease.

ogawa masterdrive duo side controls

M-DRIVE Controls

Effortlessly enhance your massage experience with the M-DRIVE Controls featured on the Ogawa MasterDrive DUO. Easily adjust the massage intensity either by turning the dial or using the convenient tablet. Enjoy swift and user-friendly controls that allow you to choose zero gravity modes, customize settings for TV, or opt for an automatic program—all with a simple touch, ensuring a seamless return to deep relaxation.

ogawa masterdrive duo voice command location

On-Demand Voice Control

With this innovative feature, you can customize your massage experience to your liking without the need to interrupt their relaxation by manually adjusting settings.

Designed for Your Comfort

  • ogawa masterdrive duo blouetooth speakers

    Bluetooth Speakers

  •  ogawa masterdrive duo sp02 sensor location

    SpO2 Sensor

  • ogawa masterdrive duoleg extension

    Leg Extension

  • ogawa masterdrive duo wireless charging locaiton

    Max 15W Wireless Charging

  • ogawa masterdrive duo usb-c location

    Max 45W USB-C Charging



  • Chair Upright (L x W x H):

    63.6" x 31.9" x 50"

  • Chair Reclined (L x W x H):

    73.7" x 31.9" x 41.5"

  • Seat Width:


  • Distance from Wall:

    1 Inch

  • Charger:

    USB-C Max 45W, Wireless Max 15W

  • Power Voltage:


  • Power of Speakers:

    14W (2 Sides)

  • Rated Frequency:


  • Power Consumption:


  • Rated Current:


  • Recommended Height Range:

    5’2”- 6’1"

  • Weight Capacity:


  • Chair Weight:


  • Shipping Dimension:

    BOX1: 55.5" x 33.5" x 51.2", BOX2: 23.2" x 20.1" x 21.7"

  • Shipping Weight:



  • 4D + 3D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism1. 4D + 3D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism
  • Long Track Massage from Neck to Buttock
  • 3 inch 4D + 3D Node
  • 6 Unique Massage Techniques
  • 25 Auto Programs + 1 Spot Massage +3 Custom Massage + 1 Chair Doctor
  • Foot and Sole Roller Massage
  • Air Massage
  • Heat Therapy for Legs, Seat, and Lumbar
  • Calf Kneading Massage
  • Shoulder and Lumbar Massage
  • Arm massage
  • Seat and Thigh Massage
  • Foot, Calf Massage
  • 32 Airbags
  • 3 Air Intensity Levels


  • Off-line voice control
  • Bluetooth Speaker for Music
  • Precise Body Scanning
  • Massage Time: 5~30 Minutes
  • Wall Hugging / Space Saving , 1”
  • 8 modes Chromotherapy Lighting in shoulders


  • Automatic Calf Adjustment
  • Quick Access Buttons Embedded in Armrest
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Position
  • One Touch Lie-Flat & Home Restore Button
  • Adjust backrest and footrest at any desirable position
  • Auto Leg Length Detectable
  • Inductive-stop Sensors in Footrest