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Video - Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Commercial Warranty

Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Commercial Warranty [Video]

Today on we are going to talk to you about the Luraco iRobotics i7 massage chair and how it is the only massage chair that carries its own commercial warranty.

For commercial use, the Luraco i7 offers a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty which covers parts and labor for the first 6-months, parts for the entire first year, and the structural framework of the chair for the entire 2-years of the warranty. There is a list of what is not covered by the warranty that you can find by going to the description page of the Luraco iRobotics i7 and click on the warranty link, there you will find the list of what the warranty does not cover.

When you combine the commercial warranty with the fact that this is one of the only massage chairs that carries that is UL listed, the i7 becomes ideal for the business setting.

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