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How To Be Sure Your Chair Is Working for You

How Well Does a Massage Chair Work & How Do You Know It’s the Right One for You?

Pain, stress, sore muscles. Unfortunately, they are all common ailments that most Americans have to deal with on a regular basis. Is there anything you can do to find relief?


A massage chair at home can provide the help you need to feel your best without having to wait and schedule an appointment with a massage therapist. But, just how effective are massage chairs?

The good news is that not only are massage chairs effective, but they can also be lifesavers for those who are dealing with chronic pain or those who want to be able to find comfort and relief in the privacy of their own homes. It’s also a great option when there is a pandemic.

How Massage Chairs Began

Mechanical massage chairs started to appear in the 1950s and have kept up with the rapid pace of technology ever since. The first electric massage chair was designed in 1954 by Nobuo Fujimoto. Fujimoto made several versions of the chair from scrap materials before satisfied with the final chair design. Early massage chair models were far from the luxurious zero-gravity or recliner versions of today, however.

Many of the first massage chairs looked rigid and honestly a bit scary. These early models used motors, rollers, gears, and vibrating parts to offer relief with varying degrees of success. While the intentions were good, the experiences offered could be quite rough. But, of the course of several years, those initial designs were improved and that hard work and dedication were realized in the form of sleek and comfortable massage chairs that can attend to the entire body.

Are They Effective?

These current models saw incredible results that could replicate the health advantages of receiving a massage from a massage therapist and some can even go above and beyond that.

Feeling incredible is the goal of any massage chair, and health and wellness is something that the world’s best massage chairs will always take into account. Without a doubt, a massage chair brand could not survive if it did nothing for the person sitting down in one.

Massage chairs have been proven to help people around the world in a plethora of ways. With regular usage of a massage chair, you can experience pain relief, stress reduction, better circulation, and more flexibility, as well as a boost to your immune system power. For more information about the health benefits of a massage chair, click here.

A Massage Chair Can Help You Find Alignment

Another fantastic benefit from a massage chair is the help it can provide for your spine. When you sit a lot or sleep the wrong way, you’ll start to feel the strain and your spine may fall out of proper alignment. And that strain can cause pain or weakness in your lower back, glutes, and legs.

Massage chairs, especially those that offer zero gravity, can help decompress and align your backbone so that you feel your best. Preserve your posture and practice some much-needed self-care with your massage chair.

You Should Feel Good Every Time You Use the Chair

As the massage chair’s techniques help to relax and soothe tense muscles and stressed minds, it also boosts your body’s levels of endorphins- the body’s happy hormones like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Regular massages in the chair help you to find balance and stress relief not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

As You Look for Your Perfect Massage Chair, Ask These Questions

When you want to be sure that your massage chair will work for you and provide the massage and benefits that you personally require, it is important to evaluate the experience you receive when using it. Reviews are very helpful when shopping for a massage chair, but it is also very important to try out chairs for yourself and give yourself time to evaluate the chair in your home while you are still within an exchange window. 

The best way to make sure you end up with the right chair for you is to try out different options and take a critical look at how each experience stacks up against each other. As you’re getting massaged in different types of chairs, answer these questions to help you narrow down the options until you find your perfect massage chair match.

Is the Quality of the Chair Impressive?

Did the massage you received feel smooth and relaxing or did it feel bumpy and disjointed? If the massage felt like you were being attacked by mechanical rollers, it’s probably not the right one for you. But if you feel so relaxed you could have fallen asleep, you’re on the right track.

Did the Chair Attend to Your Area of Most Concern?

A massage chair that focuses on your back is great, but what if you’re trying to address discomfort in your hips or legs? That won’t do. Most of the top massage chairs have components that can massage your arms, legs, feet, and even calves. So, keep in mind the area you want the chair to focus on and find one that best achieves that goal. Also, don’t forget that some massage chairs can pay closer attention to the middle and lower back while others have a particularly good shoulder massage.

Did It Deliver the Correct Amount of Pressure?

Even though quality massage chairs allow you to adjust the intensity and areas of focus, some chairs are just stronger than others. The type and placement of rollers can significantly impact how the massage feels, from deep tissue to light kneading. For more information about adjustable intensity, check out the article found here.

Are You Incorporating a Massage Chair Into Your Health Care Routine?

A comfortable, beneficial massage is especially important when you’re looking for a chair to incorporate into your health care routine. Your goal should be to find the massage chair that makes the most effective difference in the areas of pain management, improved circulation, or any other concern you might have. For more information about adding a massage chair to your routine, click here.

What is Your Budget?

What amount are you able to spend? Are you looking to finance your purchase? These factors may not be as fun to think about but they are important. You’ll want to keep this in mind so that you don’t end up falling in love with a chair that you simply can’t afford. With that in mind, however, remember that financing options can help you to make in the investment in a massage chair and pay on your schedule. You want a well-made chair that will stand the test of time, and while finding a great deal is wonderful, you don’t want to regret that purchase down the line because the chair’s quality did not hold up well.

Among All the Chairs You Tried, Which Massage Stood Out the Most?

After your first experience in a massage chair, you might think “It’s perfect. I’ll take it!” Until you sit in the next chair. It’s important to try out enough chairs to truly know which one feels the best overall. You might even need to try out chairs over the course of a few days, and that’s okay. We’ll be here to guide you through the process because we want you to be completely satisfied with your chair.

Do You Want to Tell Your Friends & Family About the Chair?

Because a massage chair is a rather large investment, you should be thrilled to use it and want to share your experience and even the benefits with family and friends. If you’re considering purchasing a chair but aren’t really excited about spreading the word about it or using it daily, that chair might not be the right one for you.

You’ll likely own your massage chair for several years, and we want to make sure they are years filled with incredible massages. Although the top-quality models in our showrooms and on our site might make it difficult to choose just one, our massage chair experts will happily explain the features and benefits of each of them until you’ve chosen the right one for you.

Finished With Your Research?

You can look into the chairs, techniques, and other benefits of massage in the Learning Center on our website, and you’ll be able to see the number of other physical benefits that these chairs can provide. Additionally, in the Massage Chair Buying Guide, we talk about which chairs are good for certain desires and needs, and it can help you with your search for a massage chair for your workplace.

If you have any questions about massage chairs or our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re available over the phone or through email at You can even talk with us through the LiveChat on our website.


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