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Get a Massage Right at Your Desk

Make Time at Your Desk More Manageable

When you’re working from home during this stressful time, and even when you may be going back to your office, being able to get a bit of a massage during your workday is absolutely wonderful. Maybe you can’t fit a massage chair in your office, or maybe you want something that you can conveniently store at your desk before you use your full chair later. For that situation, massage accessories can be the perfect way to enjoy some instant, at-your-fingertips relaxation.

Plus, according to the Mayo Clinic, getting a massage can help to relieve work and life stress and anxiety, help with insomnia related to stress, and even aid digestive disorders. With smaller accessories that you can use as you’re typing or working at the computer you can take advantage of some of these benefits without sacrificing time.

While you might not be able to head out to the spa or massage therapist because of COVID-19 and the associated risks, our list of at-home personal massagers can help you to find some relief without having to stop what you’re doing. Each one is subtle enough to use at your desk—even if you’re booked with all day Zoom meetings.

For Your Hard-Working Feet

The Osaki OS-C30

The Osaki OS-C30 heated foot massager offers a one-of-a-kind flip-up design that allows it to attend to both your calves and feet as well as stretching up to reach your thighs. You can rotate the upper section up to 110 degrees, which means that it can adjust the kneading massage all the way toward your knees. The OS-C30 also soothes tension in your feet and calves using built-in heat therapy that employs a carbon fiber element to create a gentle warming for your lower extremities.


  • Knee & Calf Massage
  • Carbon Fiber Heat in the Thigh & Ankle
  • Removable Cover
  • 30 Air Bag Massage
  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Three Adjustable Levels of Speed & Intensity
  • 15-Minute Auto Shut-Off Function

The Kahuna 888 Foot & Leg Massager

The Kahuna 888 Foot & Leg Massager is the first personal massager that we carry that has been developed to apply a 3D style massage found in some of the top chairs to your calves and feet. You can easily adjust the angle so that it suits your position and use the remote panel to set up a massage program so that you can relax and enjoy for the full 15 minutes. Take a look at the features below and see if this heated foot massager is the right one for you.

3D Calf Massage

This is the first model to provide a 3D massage to your calves and uses specialized massage rollers that protrude out from the track to provide a strong, vigorous massage to your leg muscles that often don’t receive a true 3D massage in a full-body chair. This massage roller works with the airbags to provide much deeper and more targeted relief.

Exchangeable Cover & Attractive Pad

Frequently, if a foot massager is used quite a bit, the cover can begin to show wear and tear. With the exchangeable cover, you can take it off to replace it or clean it. The pad also helps to keep dust out of your foot massager and allows it to be a chic accent in your home.

Angle Adjustment

This foot massager is also easily adjustable so that you can find the perfect angle for your seat. This makes sure that your massage is relaxing and reaches you properly, rather than you having to sit in an awkward position to get the rollers to hit your trouble spot, making it very difficult to enjoy the experience.

Control Panel

The panel provides the user with complete control over the different features available in your foot massager. Easily toggle on or off the heat, adjust the calf reflexology massage, and make changes to almost every aspect of your massage experience.

Heat Feature

From the calf all the way down to your toes the massager offers an incredible heat therapy system that assists to loosen up your muscles by warming them and helping them to be more flexible. This provides a much deeper relaxation, deeper relief, and a much better massage experience.

Manual Adjustments

With the manual settings, you can choose from four intensity adjustments, four speed adjustments, and four strength adjustments. You can also toggle the heat or foot massage on and off. With so many options, the perfect foot and calf massage for your unique needs is sure to be possible with every use.

5 Auto Modes

There are five massage programs included with this foot massager. These massage programs are Sleep, Toning, Calf, Reflexology, and Energize.

Airbag Massage

Airbags in the calf area complement the 3D massage rollers built into the calf massager. This helps to reach deeper into the tissue and provide much better overall relief.

Osaki OS-K818 Foot Reflexology Massager

The Osaki OS-K818 Foot Reflexology Massager is a great way to relax your feet after standing all day or a lot of walking. With a smooth modern design and multiple color options, you won’t be disappointed with this electric foot massager. Featuring a combination of massage and heat therapy functions that offer shiatsu, kneading, and air pressure massage techniques that extend from your toes to your heels and cover all acupuncture points within your foot, you’ll love how good this massager can make your feet feel. With three modes and three intensity levels combined with two temperature levels, the Osaki OS-K818 foot massager can be customized to your specific massage needs and preferences.

When You Need a Good Neck Rub

The Synca Quzy Premium Wireless Neck & Shoulder Massager

Enjoy a relaxing massage wherever you are with the Quzy. Its cotton-like material surrounds you in soothing heat as the rollers attend to those tight shoulders without having to be stuck in one place because of a cord. It has a battery life of about two and a half hours, so you’ll be enjoying your massage whenever it’s convenient for you, particularly at your desk during a long day.

You can even try the Quzy on your calves, thighs, lower back, and mid-back. Its eight heated massage heads can be set to one of three speeds to deeply massage the targeted area to relieve pain. The included wall adapter is compact and won't take up much space. It's even interchangeable with other Synca Wellness accessories. The modern, elegant Japanese design showcases a fantastic attention to detail that you've come to expect from Synca.

Take one home for yourself and enjoy a wonderful massage right at your desk while you answer those emails.


The Osaki Otamic Massage Gun

The Osaki Otamic Massage Gun is designed with five levels of power intensity and a modern ergonomic design. Right from your chair, you can experience great pain relief and prevention through fascia relaxation, motor function improvement, and improved blood circulation. The Otamic can be used by everyone from the general public to athletes. It actively stimulates and releases muscle tension and helps promote relaxation.

Massage Heads

BALL HEAD (Abdomen/Hips/Thigh)- The mildest option, this one is designed to massage large muscle groups, and you can use it when you want soft, light stimulus.

FORK HEAD (Abdomen/Chest/Inside Thigh)- For a concentrated massage made to target that area near your spine. This is suitable for those who want a strong stimulus.

BULLET HEAD (Sole/Palm)- For a highly concentrated massage intended for pressure points, pinpoint tight muscles, and the ligaments around joints. This head is best for attending to deep muscle layers and for those who want strong stimulation.

FLAT HEAD (Shoulders/Back/Lower Back)- For a mid-intensity that’s meant to be focused on mid to large muscles, this head is most effective for the relaxation of major and peripheral articular capsules.

The Osaki OS-606K Dual Head Percussion Massager

The Osaki OS-606K handheld percussion massager offers three programs available with five different speeds to choose from. This dual head massager features a long handle that helps to easily reach and concentrate the massager on specific problem areas.


  • Loop Handle for Easy Reaching
  • 3 Programmed Mode- Relax, Energize, Stimulate
  • 5 Speed Controls
  • Percussion Massage
  • Body Massager - Arm, Shoulder, Waist, Thigh, Foot

The Osaki OS-105A Handheld Massager

The handheld Osaki OS-105A massager provides a compact, powerful massage that fits in your hand. Rotate the speed dial to find the perfect setting for your backache. Or, tone it down for a gentle neck or hand massage. This travel-sized, lightweight handheld massager offers an oscillating massage system with three different massage types. You’ll find:

  • Multi-phase speed dial
  • 3 Different massage types
  • Oscillating Massage System
  • Nylon Massage Head Cover for Easy Cleaning
  • Light Weight Design for easy travel
  • Curved Handle for easy grip and control

This small, yet powerful, massager is great for quick breaks at your desk that can help you get through your workday with less pain and even less stress thanks to the relaxing benefits of massage.


The Synca iPuffy Heated Lumbar Massager

“Wrapped in happiness, anytime, anywhere.” That’s certainly what you want when you’re working hard from your home office, and the premium i-Puffy 3D Lumbar Massager with heat offers this right in a compact package that can fit right in your chair. The i-Puffy 3D massage pillow is made from premium natural cotton materials, is a stylish modern grey color, and was expertly crafted with attention to the little details like stitching, materials, and build quality. While most massage cushions use just rotational, 2D heads that spin left and right, the iPuffy’s 3D massage head comes in and out to provide a superior and more penetrating massage.

Turn on the infrared heating with your massage for an effective penetrating warmth that’s designed to loosen muscles and stimulate circulation. They even designed the shape of this cushion after studying the right curves and contours to fit the body and ensure the best experience possible. You’ll receive an AC adapter for your car so long trips aren’t so bad. Plus, it’s lightweight and extremely mobile. Its compact design allows the i-Puffy to go with you whether you’re home, at work, or traveling. You’ll feel the day’s stress just melt away with this lumbar massager with heat.


  • Ergonomically Contoured & Crafted
  • Heat Therapy
  • 3D Rotating Massage
  • Compact
  • Works Lying Down or Sitting
  • Elegant Material
  • Naturally fits the curve of your back 

The i-Puffy can be adjusted to massage strategic parts of  your body:

  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Thigh
  • Calf
  • Palm
  • Foot

The Osaki OS-HL138 Personal Massager Cushion

The Osaki OS-HL138 pillow massager is a multi-use neck and back massage cushion with four, 360-degree rotating massage heads. One-touch operation makes the pillow easy to use at home, at your desk, or in the car. The cover is removable and washable to ensure that the cushion will be is clean and stands up to wear and tear for many years to come.


  • Multi-Use Massage Cushion
  • Four 360-Degree, Rotational Massage Heads
  • Vibration Massage
  • Removable & Washable Cover
  • Home, Desk, or Car Use
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Use as Neck, Back, Leg, or Foot Massager

Ready to Get Relaxing?

You can look into the chairs, techniques, and other benefits of massage in the Learning Center on our website, and you’ll be able to see the physical benefits each of the styles offer and what to be prepared for from them. 

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing your an accessory or a massage chair, check out our Massage Chair Buying Guide or give us a call. You can even reach out through email at Our sales representatives are ready and excited to get you into the perfect chair!

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