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Titan TI-7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan TI-7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan TI-7700 Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Visit Titan Massage Chairs.

I have been tasked with the responsibility of testing out and then reviewing the new products that are for sale on to help you the customer understand what each product offers, so you can make the best decision for yourself of what you need.

THE ADVANTAGES of the TI-7700:

This new chair the Titan TI-7700 has an amazing price and if you compare having to go for treatment at a spa or chiropractor, you will find it easy to lay down the dough for this wonderful massage chair. This product will allow you a greater distribution of your body weight by giving you a more comfortable position during your massage treatment. The S-Track Massage Roller System design mimics the curvature of your spine, so you will find the stretching peaceful and relaxing in the massage chair.

The heated Lumbar for your back has not just one, but two heating pads that will apply heat therapy to the large muscle groups of your back which will reduce the stress and punishment your core goes through on a daily basis.

If you have hip pain or even hip replacements like I do, don’t worry. The seat vibration in the chair helps to loosen up the joints and tissue around your muscles. It is a magnificent feeling. The Arthritic stiffness in my body is almost completely free after a session in the massage chair. (I do want you to remember to check with your doctor before you try this.) Take it from me, though, it will alleviate much or your soreness and your hips will thank you throughout the rest of your day by allowing you the freedom to move liberally.

Just like what keeps you safe in your car, the Titan TI-7700 comes with airbags. The difference is the experience of the full body massage will be enjoyed. The airbags are intentionally placed throughout the massage chair to assure every muscle and joint which the back massage rollers might miss, are taken care of thoroughly. The compression of the Titan TI-7700 will have you feeling refreshed in the end.

Massage Styles I Like:

  • Kneading – The movement on my back and shoulders from the kneading left me smiling bright. It feels so good with the compression airbags attacking your aches and pains.
  • Tapping, Palm, Punching & Shiatsu – Like with a human massage the tapping feels so genuine. And you don’t have to leave the chair a tip in the end.

The Outer Shoulder Massage is unlike any experience you’ll have from any other massage chair on the market. What can it do for you? Well, the outside of the shoulder areas have airbags that apply pressure to your shoulder muscles. The compression massage is sure to make you relaxed and once again able to lift your arms above your head after a hard day's work. As for your arms, hands, feet, and calves, yes even your calves get full attention with the Titan TI-7700. It is a really nice feeling to have every inch of my body taken care of with strong, powerful movements.

So, sit back in your Titan TI-7700 chair and get the massage you need. Unlike a human who massages you how they want, the Titan TI-7700 moves to your specification. Just select your massage program from the easy to use LCD Remote Control. The remote even has a backlight LCD display for easier use.

White Glove Delivery

Finally, because massage chairs aren’t the easiest of products to set up on your own, we offer the “White Glove Delivery Service”. This wonderful service allows you the customer to have a delivery team set up the massage chair in the room of your choice and you’ll get to try it out before they leave. So you don’t have to move several hundred pound boxes, because we just want you to relax.

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