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Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair Review

Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair Review

Titan TI-7700R Massage Chair Review

*Please note that this massage chair has been discontinued. Visit more Titan Massage Chairs.

So you are looking for a massage chair for those daily aches and pains, and to get relief from the stress of the world? I think I have a chair for you. The Titan TI-7700R has all the basics people are looking for with a few sweet extras, and at a very sweet price.


The L-Track Roller System does wonders for your neck and back. I have constant neck and back stiffness because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, so in the morning, I need a nice massage and stretch. This machine does a body good.

Your entire body will receive comfort through the six massage styles. I love the Shiatsu massage and the Kneading & Tapping style the best for my body. I feel refreshed and motivated after the massage session. The rollers really get deep into your muscles and joints to bring about relief to those problem areas.

Loving the "Computer Body Scan"

I am very impressed with this machine. It comes with body scanning technology, which is new to me. The Titan TI-7700R will get a reading of your body size and curves to create a massage session just for you. You will feel special after the session is over like I did.

Feet Won’t Fail Me Now - Reflexology Massage Rollers

Another cool part of this new massage chair is how your feet are treated. We are on our feet all day sometimes and the wear-and-tear to our feet and toes many times are overlooked, especially by men. Well the Titan TI-7700R will pamper your feet with the reflexology massage rollers. Just the thought of sitting in the chair and having the foot rollers massage me brings a smile back to my face.

For those who are not fans of foot massages, you can turn off that aspect of the program with the remote control, at any time during the session.

Easy Remote Controller

While you are lounging in your zero gravity position, you will enjoy the easy to use remote control device. As the massage chair is working out your stress and loosens your joints with the kneading session, you will find it hard not to close your eyes and let the machine take over. But with the controller in your hand you still have the power to make things happen. It is very handy.


Finally, for those of you who are unable to carry hundreds of pounds of weight, you can get a wonderful and easy service called the “White Glove Delivery Service”. Included in this service is having a delivery team bring the multiple boxes into your home and not just leaving it on the sidewalk for you to carry and put together, but they will install the massage chair in the room you wish to receive your treatment in. And best of all, before they leave, you will get a chance to test out the massage chair to make sure you are totally satisfied. This is something I definitely recommend.

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