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Introducing the Svago Zero Gravity Chairs

Introducing the Svago Zero Gravity Chairs

Say Hello to the Svago Lite, Newton, & ZGR

New to MassageChairPlanet.Com are the Svago Lite, Newton, and ZGR zero gravity recliners, designed for elevated relaxation. First, let’s talk a little bit about who Svago is.

About Svago

Svago has set out to redefine relaxation. In fact, “Svago” in Italian means relaxation. Svago believes that relaxation is all about “the enjoyment of blissful comfort surrounded by unparalleled beauty.” And here at MassageChairPlanet.Com, we couldn’t agree more.

However you personally choose to define relaxation, we think you’ll find the Svago chairs provide a unique experience that’ll help you forget all about your long day.

Svago was founded because its creators saw a distinct lack of Zero Gravity seating products on the market, especially those that embraced both function and fashion. They chose to design their own chairs, from the contoured beech wood frame to the detachable memory foam headrest and everything in between.

Their chairs deliver all the benefits of Zero Gravity, as well as massage and heat features, in an amazingly comfortable, high-quality recliner you can easily make part of your everyday routine and style.

Now, let’s dive into the chairs themselves.

The Svago Lite

This is Svago’s entry-level zero gravity recliner. The Lite has all of the benefits of zero gravity with synthetic leather, a hand-carved wood base, and heat. All this will make relaxation, self-care, sports recovery, and back health a sure thing.

With the Lite's powerful technology, press one button, and you’ll seamlessly shift into a horizontal position. Plus, you can use the memory setting to set up your preferences and then get comfy with the manually adjustable pillow, pre-set footrest, and elongated armrests.

You'll even find intelligent vibrational technology for a full back massage with heat in the lumbar spine that'll allow your spine to decompress and your muscles to fully relax.

Designed with Style

The synthetic leather and hand-carved wood base combine for elegance and style. And the excellent craftsmanship continues with the design of the armrests. In some recliners, they don’t line up with you when you lay back, making it a bit uncomfortable. Svago made sure to pay close attention to the armrests to avoid this problem and ensure they help your body to decompress.

And they didn't stop there. Unlike with many chairs, getting back up from reclining is easy thanks to the one-touch power off button that shifts the chair from horizontal to upright in a snap.

Svago ZGR Zero Gravity Recliner

The ZGR is the recliner that started it all. The classic ZGR offers quality, comfort, and style. Hand-stitched vegan synthetic hyde, a hand-carved, hand-stained solid wood base, vibration massage, two memory settings, and heat all deepen the restorative zero-gravity experience. There's even a smart wake feature that will help ensure you don't spend all day in your amazing new chair is you don't want to.

Plus, it doubles as both a traditional recliner and an incredible Zero-Gravity recliner. In the ZG position, gravity’s influence is lessened, allowing your spine to decompress and loosen, and with your weight evenly distributed it increases muscle relaxation. With the touch of a button, travel from upright or semi-reclined to Zero Gravity.

Enhanced Relaxation

Loosen and soothe tense, aching muscles with two vibration massage programs. Then, add in heat and go into the zero gravity position that you can perfect with adjustable lumbar support.

You'll also get an adjustable, memory foam neck pillow that can be positioned manually for optimal comfort.

Now, when you want the ultimate option from Svago, you want the Newton. Let’s talk about this one now.

Svago Newton

The Newton is the most effective, feature-packed, and sophisticated zero-gravity recliner on the market. With buttery-soft, top-grain leather, a hand-carved wood base, and the highest quality memory foam throughout, not only is it a beauty but it's an impressive recliner as well. With air-cell massage, heat, and zero gravity your muscles will relax, your spine will decompress, your discs will re-hydrate, and your blood will circulate better throughout your body.

In the Newton, state-of-the-art air cells massage your tense muscles, which is similar having seven hands simultaneously massaging you from head to toe. And the 100% high-density memory foam cradles every part of your body as you recline. You'll totally relax in zero gravity as your aches and pains are tended to. You can even control the headrest position with your remote.

In the Body

Many other recliners underestimate the effect of the armrests in assisting to align and support your body. The Newton armrests are specially engineered to keep your arms in the best position, and on top of all that, you'll find customizable lumbar support that’s even been improved over the ZGR.

You can adjust the footrest for your comfort as you recline in hand-selected, hand-stitched, Royal Top Grain leather. Traveling to Italy to source the finest leathers, Svago has made one luxurious chair.

Lastly as with the ZGR, you’ll find two memory settings, a fully-featured remote, the one-touch power off button, and a smart wake setting.

Take One Home Today

When you’re looking for a straightforward, zero gravity reclining chair, the Svago lineup will serve you well. They won’t take up too much space in your home, they are stylish, and they’ll provide you with the perfect place to relax and lay back after a long day. Take a peek at the chairs yourself and see if they’ll meet your needs.

If you have any questions or want to know more about taking one of these chairs home, give us a call or reach out through email at We’d be happy to walk you through the purchase process and answer any questions.

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