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Introducing Daiwa Massage- A Premier Brand with a Strong Lineup

Introducing Daiwa Massage- A Premier Brand with a Strong Lineup

Daiwa Massage Chair- A Leader in the Industry

If you’re familiar with Daiwa, you know that they’ve been a leading developer of massage chairs in the personal wellness field for years. As one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of luxury massage chairs in the US, they named themselves from the Japanese word for “great harmony.” In fact, their mission is "to help all parts of your body work together and achieve personal wellness through therapeutic massage."

Support Now & in the Future

Daiwa wants to be sure to support you throughout the lifetime of your massage chair. Their Customer Support staff is available over the phone during normal business hours, and you can use online forms as well. Unique to Daiwa, they offer facilities throughout America, including Hawaii, to ensure timely, dependable service. They're committed to presenting a hassle-free purchase and an exceptional massage experience.​

Outside the Box

Customer-centered research into the holistic health benefits of therapeutic massage is the entire focus behind the design of Daiwa chairs. Their engineers have carefully designed each chair with the newest innovations and the best in manufacturing. Each new feature introduced is the result of meticulous quality control testing and user feedback.

Quality Control

The Daiwa design team works closely with the manufacturing plant to ensure that every chair created is of the highest quality. The Chinese manufacturing facilities use the most advanced technology and components so that each chair is innovative, durable, and sure to please their customers.

This superior quality control is a result of their mostly in-house productions. They invent their chairs in Gardena, California, and have them manufactured in Chinese factories. They ship directly from their warehouses across the nation, which also houses the US Service Centers, and from design to sales to aftercare and support, Daiwa will not outsource.

Now, let’s take a look at their incredible lineup of chairs.

Majesty Massage Chair

Allow the Daiwa Majesty massage chair to give you the royal treatment with whole-body wellness based on top-notch engineering. The Majesty uses therapeutic features to create a thorough full-body massage, heat, and zero-gravity experience.


As the Majesty glides back to recline, the mechanism shifts its seat forward so that it doesn’t push as far out while reclined. You’ll only need three inches behind it to fully lean it back, while other chairs might need up to a foot of space.


The Majesty features an extra-long, L-Track that runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings for a full-body massage experience.

3D Body Scan

3D Body Scanning maps your entire back, adjusting the rollers for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring your massage contours to the unique curvature of your spine.

Total Body Airbag Massage

The Majesty uses advanced technology and therapeutic features to deliver an unsurpassed full-body massage. It features a roomy interior to fit many body types and 42 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. They gently stretch muscles to melt tension, increase circulation, and ease body fatigue. There are airbags in the shoulders, arms, hips, and even under the thighs and calves.

Undulating Airbag Massage

Airbags surrounding the feet inflate and deflate to mimic the compression technique of an in-person massage.

Automatic Leg Extension

The manual leg extension allows the footrest to slide in and out up to 5.5 inches, ensuring a comfortable experience for users of any height.

Deep Tissue Massage

The next-generation 3D massage rollers move in multiple directions and are designed to follow the z-plane of movement, allowing them to follow the natural contours of your body. You can choose from five intensity levels.

Rocking Rotation Technology

The Majesty gently rocks back and forth to generate the feel of the classic rocking chair, which lessens anxiety and encourages more restful sleep. You can enjoy this feature as an option with any of the massage functions, or enjoy it on its own.

Surround Sound Speakers & USB Charging Port

Through high-quality compact speakers above the shoulders and aimed at your ears you can enjoy your music as easily as plugging in your device. Plus, you can keep your devices charged in the convenient USB charging port.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity recline shifts you back, evenly distributing your weight and decreasing the pressure on your joints and organs. Experience a weightless sensation that gradually reduces chronic pain. There are two zero gravity positions available: 

  • Position 1: Removes stress on the muscles to achieve a weightless feel.
  • Position 2: Further elevates the legs above the heart.

Double Reflexology Rollers

The double foot rollers stimulate reflexology zones on your feet, targeting acupressure points to spread overall relief to every part of your body.

Adjustable Shoulder Pads

With a simple adjustment, the shoulder pads can support larger arms and shoulders. No other massage chair on the market offers this adjustment. It swivels the pad up, allowing it to target the large muscles at the top of the arm. When inflated, the airbags push against the shoulder on either side.

Bonus Chair & Foot Pads

Along with your chair, you’ll receive both a back pad and footpads. The 3/4-inch-thick soft chair pad allows you to enjoy the Majesty as a recliner comfortably and can also be used to tone down the intensity of your massage if necessary.

Advanced Remote

Tapping too hard? Turn the tapping off! With the remote, you can control your massage easily and turn the tapping off anytime during an auto-program. Plus, you can choose from 18 auto programs or seven customizable manual programs. A convenient pocket keeps your controller secure and in reach. You’ll also see a selection of languages such as English & Chinese.

Seamless Transition Among Program Options

This feature makes the switch between programs fluid and seamless. It eliminates interruptions while switching between options, and stops short-circuit or overheating damage.

Relax 2 Zero 3D Massage Chair

A relaxed body, reduced stress, and improved posture- it all awaits in the Relax 2 Zero 3D. This latest model offers advanced technology and therapeutic features that together deliver the most advanced full-body massage, which can reduce stress, alleviate pain, improve circulation, lessen insomnia, boost flexibility and mental awareness, and promote relaxation.

Inversion Power Stretch

The Inversion Power Stretch offers an incredible full-body stretch, decreasing pressure, decreasing pain, and leaving you feeling energized and limber. This feature includes the following:

  • Spinal Decompression Stretch: Stretches the lower back and decompresses the spine, momentarily dismissing the crushing pressure of the vertebrae.
  • Neck & Shoulder Grip: Keeps the spine straight to properly align the vertebrae.
  • Seat Twist: Gentle, controlled twist stretches the abdominal muscles as well as the spine and lower back in opposite directions.

Heat Therapy

Muscles are warmed to make them more pliable and helping to reduce swelling and pain.

Full-Body Air Massage

Built into the Relax 2 Zero 3D are 42 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate to gently stretch muscles as well as ease tension, improve circulation, and reduce body fatigue. The airbags on the shoulders, arms, and under the thighs and calves generate a full-body stretch. The airbags in the cushioned headrest inflate and deflate to gently stretch the neck, while rhythmically squeezing and releasing muscles from there to the shoulders.

Luxury Calf & Foot Massager

Powerful airbags massage the calves to alleviate tension and promote better circulation, while multiple foot rollers stimulate reflexology points in your tired feet.

Ankle Grip

The ankle grips hold your ankle in place to thoroughly massage the soles of your feet, ankles, and calves. Plus, the airbags surrounding the feet inflate and deflate to mimic the alternating compression technique of an in-person massage.


Shifting the seat into one of two positions, the zero gravity position distributes your weight evenly across the back of the chair and reduces pressure throughout your body for a weightless sensation. You can use two positions-

  • Position 1: Eliminates stress on the muscles to achieve the floating feeling.
  • Position 2: Further elevates the legs above your heart for even better decompression and healing.

Spinal Stretching

The gentle inversion of this massage chair offers health benefits without the risks that commonly accompany inversion. Daiwa’s gentle inversion technique is a far safer way to stretch the spine then flipping completely upside down.

Muscle Relaxation

Daiwa’s inversion feature lets you ease pressure in your back more effectively because it supports your body and allows for complete relaxation while stretching.

Boost Circulation

By raising your feet above your head, you enjoy a therapeutic break from the downward pull of gravity that usually pulls on your joints, skin, and organs, decompressing your spine. Reduced gravity can also help your lymphatic system clear excess fluid and waste, which improves your natural health defenses.

Automatic Leg Extension

The Relax 2 Zero 3D features a mechanized leg extension as opposed to a manual one. With this chair, you just push a button to slide the footrest in and out up to 5.5 inches.

Surround Sound Speaker

Connect wirelessly to a smart device to enjoy your favorite music. High-quality, compact speakers mounted above the shoulder massagers and aimed at your ears will create a surround-sound experience.

Triple Reflexology

Drawing on the principles of reflexology, the foot rollers stimulate nerve endings on the pads of your feet to reduce tension, promote circulation, and encourage vitality throughout your entire body. Three distinct foot rollers target all parts of the feet.

3D Massage Rollers

The Relax 2 Zero 3D features the next generation of 3D massage rollers that go beyond gliding along a single surface. With this model, an extra plane of movement, the z-axis, allows the massage rollers to follow the natural contours of your body. Additionally, you can choose from five intensity levels and use the Extend program to experience the signature Power Stretch Combination.

Twist Seat Function

The airbags underneath the seat and along the thighs work together with the seat's swinging and twisting movements to minimize stress on the pelvis and ease stiffness of the buttocks and thighs.

Bonus Chair & Foot Pads

As with the Majesty, you’ll receive the extra foot and chair pads to reduce the intensity of the massage as needed and enjoy the chair as a recliner.

Auto Programs

In the chair, you’ll find 27 automatic programs, along with three new 3D programs. You can also enjoy manual massage modes for full control of your massage features.

Advanced Remote

The remote here is the same style as the Majesty and you can again turn functions on and off during your massage, manual or auto, to your liking. This remote includes a wide selection of languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. You can also switch between massage programs smoothly and seamlessly with the same technology as the Majesty.

Legacy 4 Massage Chair

Experience a perfect blend of advanced technology and a modern design with the Legacy 4- designed for style.

Heated Compression Leg Massage

The advanced, full-featured leg massager includes a thermal calf and knee massage that targets one of the most injury-prone spots on the body. The leg massager moves from the ankles up to the knee while applying heat and gentle airbag compression massage to stretch tendons and soothe painful swelling.


Quality craftsmanship and advanced technology come together in the innovative Wall-Hugger design. It uses a pivot-base system that requires almost no space between the chair and the wall to recline.

Upper & Lower Body Airbag Massage

Built into the chair are 48 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. Plus, powerful airbags inflate and deflate in an alternating pattern around the calves and the feet to relieve tension and enhance circulation and grips gently hold your ankles in place.

Therapeutic Heat

The heat function around the lumbar region offers soothing relief from chronic lower back pain,  helps ease tension and stress, relieve arthritis pain, and heals sore muscles. Warm muscles are more pliable which means your massage will be more effective.

Automatic Leg Extension

The leg unit automatically extends up to 5.5 inches for taller people.


An extra-long, L-Track runs from the top of the shoulders to the upper thighs. This is where the 3D SmartScan maps your entire back before each massage to provide a custom experience that suits the shape of your spine and the location of your shoulders.

Zero Gravity

You’ll be able to experience that weightless feeling in this Daiwa massage chair as well, and again you’ll find two positions- 

  • Position 1: Standard, floating zero gravity 
  • Position 2: Elevates your legs above your heart.

3D Massage Rollers

The Legacy 4 features the next-generation 3D massage rollers that move along that z-axis and also provide five levels of intensity like the Relax 2 Zero 3D.

Extendable Pillow

The headrest cushion can convert into a back cushion, adding an extra layer of padding that can help to decrease the massage intensity even more and tucks away neatly when not in use.

Surround Sound Speakers

High-quality, compact speakers again provide a surround sound experience and can connect wirelessly to your favorite Bluetooth device. And the "Rythmn" manual mode provides a massage that syncs with your music.

Smartphone & Tablet + Charging Station

The Legacy 4 App connects wirelessly to your chair using Bluetooth so that you can control your massage, including activating manual and automatic programs, targeting different parts of your body, or changing the massage type and intensity. Plus, you can charge your devices with the convenient USB charging port.

High-End Saffiano PU Leather

The saffiano style was developed by luxury handbag makers to offer a crosshatched texture that’s stylish, durable, and easy to keep clean. It’s also synthetic which makes it animal-friendly.

Cellphone Pocket

In addition to the remote pocket found on other Daiwa chairs, you’ll also find a convenient 8-inch pocket for your cell phone or any other small items on the Legacy.

Easy-To-Use Auto Programs

Choose from 27 auto programs or seven customizable manual programs.

Advanced Remote

Similar to the other Daiwa remotes the Legacy’s includes a wide selection of languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese and provides a seamless transition experience. 

Hubble Massage Chair

The Hubble’s unique design allows it to take up as little room as possible while still providing the largest set of features available. The Wall-Hugger design uses that pivot-base system so that you can place it almost up against a wall, and it also offers zero gravity like the other Daiwa chairs.

Upper & Lower Body Airbag Massage

There are 48 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate as well as some in the calves and feet that do the same to relieve tension and improve circulation, while built-in grips gently hold your ankles in place.

Therapeutic Heat

The heat function around the lumbar region offers soothing relief from persistent lower back pain and helps ease tension and stress, reduce arthritis pain, and relieve sore muscles.


That same zero clearance wall-hugger tech from the previous chairs is included in the Hubble so that you can put it practically anywhere and right up against the wall.

Zero Gravity

Your favorite traditional zero gravity position is, of course, a standard of the Hubble.

Custom Massages

An upgrade with the Hubble is the two memory functions that allow you to save your favorite custom massage so that you can recall it over and over.

Thermal Knee Massage

You’ll also find that unique heated knee massage in the Hubble that travels up the calves to the knee and comes in three levels of heat.

Automatic Leg Extension

This auto leg extension goes up to 6.3 inches for taller people.

Adjustable Shoulder Pads

That unique Daiwa feature those with broad shoulders love, the adjustable pads will help you sit comfortably and get a great massage.


This L-Track runs from the top of the shoulders to the upper thighs and uses the 3D Body Mapping for the most effective, personalized massage.

3D Massage Rollers

The Hubble features those next-generation 3D Massage Rollers with five intensity levels for the ultimate full-body massage.

Triple Reflexology Foot Roller

Based on those same principles of reflexology, the foot rollers activate nerve endings in the feet, and this chair features three different rollers to target specific points.

Surround Sound Speakers

The Hubble also provides Bluetooth music with surround speakers and the Rhythm manual mode that syncs up with your tunes.

Smartphone & Tablet + Charging Station

Again, you’ll have the app remote via Bluetooth and a convenient USB charging port.

High-End Saffiano PU Leather

That lovely crosshatched texture and animal-friendly make are found in another staple found on the Hubble.

Bonus Chair & Foot Pads

Those same pads that allow you to relax in your chair or tone down a massage.

Auto Programs

Choose from 27 auto programs or six customizable manual programs.

Advanced Remote

The same classic Daiwa remote includes a wide selection of languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, and it offers a smooth transition.

Pegasus 2 Smart Massage Chair

The Pegasus 2 Smart also embraces the notion of a space-saving massage chair with a plethora of features. There are also a few unique features to the Pegasus as well as the standard Daiwa features like:

  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Smartphone and Tablet + Charging Station
  • High-End Saffiano PU Leather
  • Bonus Chair & Foot Pads
  • Easy-To-Use Auto Programs
  • Advanced Multi-language Remote
  • Seamless Transition
  • Heat
  • Auto Leg Extension- up to 5.5”

Voice-Activated Massage System

The highlight of the Pegasus 2 Smart is the Smart-Listen Voice Control technology. This allows you to activate a massage program or make “just right” adjustments with just the sound of your voice. It starts with the basic command, “Hello, Daiwa.” The Pegasus 2’s Smart-Listen feature even speaks several languages.

Shiatsu Wave™ Calf Massage

The Pegasus 2 Smart also has the most technologically advanced leg massager. The Shiatsu rollers on the back of the calves provide glide up and down as the airbags on the feet and calves rhythmically expand and contract. They move in a wave-like motion to further rejuvenate tired calf muscles.

ShoulderFit™ Technology

Named after the mythical winged stallion, the Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart can expand its “wings” to comfortably fit users of all sizes. The shoulder width extends from 26 to 32 inches so that its massage can tailor fit to anyone.

Upper & Lower Body Airbag Massage

The Pegasus offers 48 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. Those at the calves and feet do so in an alternating pattern to relieve tension and improve circulation, while the built-in grips gently hold your ankles in place.

Zero Space Wall-Hugger

The Pegasus 2 Smart’s gliding recline has been upgraded, allowing the entire chair to fully recline when placed just 0.25” from any wall.

Rocking Rotation Technology

The Pegasus 2 Smart provides a highly sought-after rocking mode that sways back and forth, which reduces anxiety and helps you enjoy a restful sleep. You can enjoy this feature with any of the massage functions or on its own as a way to relax or take a nap.


As you now know, Daiwa is a large supporter of the L-Track. The Pegasus offers on that reaches to the upper thighs. It also includes the 3D SmartScan that maps your entire back to ensure massage accuracy and efficiency based on your unique spine.

Zero Gravity Experience

And of course, you’ll find that wonderful zero gravity that provides that weightless, floating feeling. It has two positions like the Legacy 4.

3D Massage Rollers

Lastly, the Pegasus 2 features the next-generation 3D massage rollers Daiwa perfected to travel along the z-axis. You can adjust it through five intensity levels for the ultimate full-body massage.

Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

Newest and most advanced from Daiwa is this new category of a massage chair- the Supreme Hybrid. It’s named as such as it combines inversion stretching with an L-Track to better replicate the effect of a yoga stretch. Experience a greater reach, a deeper stretch, and a better massage with the Supreme Hybrid.

HybriFlex™- Flexible Massage Track

HybriFlex™, an innovative, bendable massage track that makes a deeper inverted bend possible for the first time, while maintaining the reach of an L-Track. You’ll get the deepest, most natural muscle stretch possible from a massage chair.

FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System

The FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System is a completely new massage roller design that divides the upper and lower massaging arms. One focuses on the upper back, shoulders, and neck with 3D rollers, and the other simultaneously massages the lower back and legs. It breaks down like this:

  • 2 Upper Massage Rollers- 25” of coverage from neck to mid-back that extends out 3’” for a deep tissue massage
  • 4 Lower Massage Rollers- 35” of coverage from mid-back to thighs that syncs with the upper rollers

Patented Legrest - Heated Knee Massage

The all-new, patented leg rest offers a heated knee, a calf, ankle, and foot massage with triple reflexology rollers. The Supreme combines stretching, heat, compression massage, and reflexology to target three acupressure zones on the soles of your feet and provide a well-rounded massage experience for the entirety of your legs.

50 Layer Airbags - Full Body Compression Massage

Based on a new design, the Supreme Hybrid uses more massaging airbags than ever for a whole-body experience. The 50 built-in airbags use compression technology to massage your arms, shoulders, waist, legs, and feet. Expertly programmed to rhythmically inflate and deflate as the rollers run their program, the layered airbags offer a gentle yet effective compression massage.

Upgraded Controllers

The new touch-display remote is mounted in easy reach, and the display dynamically changes throughout your massage. Just touch one of the 36 expertly crafted massage sessions, and you’ll be relaxing in no time. The chair’s armrest console also offers a secondary button remote for common mid-massage adjustments so that you don’t have to move your arm. Plus, the built-in USB port and wireless charging allow you to keep your phone or tablet charged.

Daiwa Massage for the Win

As you can see, Daiwa is a leader in massage chairs for a reason. They offer the most innovative, most sought after features in their chairs and are regularly developing new technology designed to make your massage that much easier, more comfortable, and more relaxing. 

If you have any questions about these chairs or any others we carry, you can contact us over the phone or through email at We’d be happy to help you take home a new massage chair and can even walk you through the financing process so that you can pay on your schedule. 

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