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Meet the New Maestro LE

Meet the New Maestro LE

More Improvements Await in the Osaki Maestro LE

Introducing the new OS-4D PRO Maestro LE! This is the latest iteration of the Maestro that’s been upgraded for a smoother, more realistic 4D massage than ever before. As unbelievable as the 4D massage is on the original Maestro, the OS-4D PRO Maestro LE offers a more effective and realistic massage.

Experience the most life-like massage from Osaki with the Maestro LE. In fact, let’s take a closer look at the incredible massage that awaits any owner of this new Maestro.

4D Massage Rollers

The newly enhanced 4D L-track massage rollers are designed to massage wider, deeper, and more rhythmically than conventional massage rollers. The 4D massage even allows you to control the speed of the rollers for that fourth dimension of massage adjustability.

With the Maestro LE, you’ll have complete control of your relaxation experience. Massages are adjustable with eight 4D adjustments and five strength, intensity, and speed adjustments. With this variety of adjustment levels, you can customize the massage to suit your unique preferences. Additionally, the massage motor powering the chair has been made to be ultra-quiet, allowing you to enjoy your massage better.

8 Auto Programs

The Osaki OS-4D PRO Maestro LE has eight automatic massage programs, including:

  • Demo: This program demonstrates the basic massages the chair offers.
  • Relax: This program uses a softer massage to create a loosened, stress-free state.   
  • Swing: Here the chair rocks in a back and forth sway, which is very calming.
  • Stretch: This locks your legs, hips, arms, and shoulders using the airbags and then reclines to stretch your body, performing a light stretch for your calves, hamstrings, shoulders, and waist.
  • Scraping: This program uses scraping-style massage that moves from your core to your extremities. This helps to direct your circulation better for a better massage.
  • Shiatsu: This program performs a more pinpointed massage along your back that focuses on certain pressure points to help relieve stress. 
  • Gentle Relief: This program performs gentle tapping with light kneading to increase circulation and relaxation.
  • Rejuvenate: This program increases circulation and relaxation with strong massage techniques that resemble deep tissue massage.

Manual Massage

The Osaki Maestro LE comes with manual modes as well. These allow you to pinpoint a specific area on your back. It can perform Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling with four Characteristics/Modes per massage style. When using these techniques you can choose a specific spot on your back or massage by sections of the body including the shoulders, arms, lower back, or even the calves. Additionally, the chair offers custom settings for Neck/Shoulder, Lower back, and Air Massage.

The Maestro LE has also been upgraded so that you can customize the massage styles. You can select from two manual options that combine two massage styles simultaneously. These include Kneading & Tapping and Kneading & Shiatsu.

L & S Track Technology

The Maestro LE combines S and L-Track technology for an exceptional massage experience. The S-Track contours to your spine and the L-Track extends from your neck all the way down to the back of your thighs, increasing the coverage of a standard S-Track by 50%.

Heated Back Rollers

heated rollers

The Maestro LE also has an advanced back heating system. The rollers heat up during your massage, simulating a hot stone massage. This feature can be really incredible because instead of having a singular heating element in the lumbar area, the entire back of the chair heats up.

Body Scan Technology

The Maestro LE performs a body scan to map the key areas of your neck and back to ensure the optimal amount of pressure is used during your massage. It detects your shoulder height and where you are situated in the chair. It’s like having a person adjust to real feedback as your massage is performed. Plus, you can always re-calibrate it once the scan is complete. 

Auto Leg Scan & Leg Extend

Full Body Air MassageThe ottoman scans your legs to ensure it sets to the right length needs based on your height. The foot component extends outwards and then retracts, and all you have to do is push down with your feet to tell the leg scanner to stop. If you decide later that you need to adjust it again, you can just adjust it on the remote.

There are multiple airbags throughout the chair that offer a full body massage experience with a total of 32 airbags in the shoulders, arms, waist, pelvis, and calves. This compression massage increases circulation to relieve pain and tension.

Foot & Calf Kneading 

Underneath the feet, spinning reflexology rollers provide an outstanding foot massage that travels along the sides and middle of your feet for a more hands-on kneading experience. Along with the rollers, the calf airbags inflate for a circular, kneading massage. This incredible feature bolsters relaxation, circulation, and is absolutely fantastic for hard-working legs.

All New Calf, Bridge, Knee, & Heel Massage

On the upper section of the leg rest, that circular, kneading motion adds a new dimension to the leg massage, reaching the knee. Plus, additional components in the footrest stretch the bridge and heel of the foot. This foot massage experience is like no other.

Zero Gravity 

Zero gravity is the perfect position for ultimate relaxation. When in ZG, you are supported by the backrest and laid in an ergonomic position. As your knees are brought above your chest, it optimizes your circulation, maximizes the intensity of the massage, and reduces the gravitational compression along your spine and joints.

Space-Saving Design

The Maestro LE only needs five inches to fully recline. This is great when you don’t want your new chair to take up so much space in your home when in use.

Bluetooth & HD Speaker

The Maestro LE offers Bluetooth technology and an Amphitheater sound system to reduce the surrounding noise, enhancing your listening experience. This allows you to listen to your favorite music on Osaki’s highest grade of audio speakers located in the headrest. You can pair your smart device to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, and you can even pair your smart TV to enjoy watching a favorite movie or show with the sound playing right out of the chair.

New Touch Screen Remote

The Maestro LE’s remote has been upgraded to a Touch Screen Remote Tablet. This makes it very easy to see and use. On the remote, you can select your massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can also operate the functions independently in the Manual Mode.

Quick Control 

On the side of the inner armrest, you can access Power, Play/Pause, Auto, Zero Gravity, and 4D adjustment. You can even charge your device using the available USB outlet while using your phone or tablet.

Wireless Charger  

The OS-4D Pro Maestro LE includes new technical features which are a wireless charger. The user can charge the smartphone on the wireless charging place on the hand area while relaxing on the massage chair. It offers a convenient and technical system for the user. 

iPhone & Android APP

If you have an iPhone or Android or tablet, go to the app store to download the APP. From the convenience of your device, the APP allows you to operate the chair with all the full features of the remote.


This chair also has a calming blue light that shines on the floor. This can help you to relax as it emits its soothing color light therapy into a dimly lit room.

Differences Between the Maestro and the Maestro LE

The main differences between the original chair and this new upgraded version are this- the LE motor has been upgraded with more maneuverability and is quieter, the new chair offers a tablet-style remote where the original doesn't, and the new chair provides wireless charging for your smartphone.

These features are designed to take your relaxation up a notch and make it easier for you to enjoy the chair with your smart devices and music nearby unimpeded. These features can make the jump in price worth it for some, however, since the chair offers the same basic features, the number of airbags, and both provide 4D massage, you'll have to judge for yourself. We love that it features wireless charging and that new remote. This shows a real embracing of modern technology on Osaki's part.

Additionally, when MassageChairPlanet.Com visited the 2020 Winter Furniture Market this past month, we received the full tour of the chair's features from the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Kim. He walked us through the Maestro LE's offerings and professed his love for this new iteration of an already remarkable chair. He even said it was his favorite!

We love to help our customers find the best chair for their needs and this upgraded, smart feature chair is well worth the investment. Fans of deep tissue massage and the latest advancements in smart tech will appreciate the care and time that was taken when developing this improved version of the classic Maestro.

If you have any questions about the new Maestro LE, or any other chair, be sure to give us a call or reach out through email at
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