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Introducing the Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair

Introducing the Sharper Image Revival Massage Chair

When You’re Looking to Help Your Body Find Something Fresh, Start Here

Rejuvenate your body and mind with the Sharper Image Revival zero gravity massage chair. This fully-automated massage chair offers a range of convenient, easy-to-use choreographed programs that make enjoying a massage easier than ever. Start with the Smart Body Scanning technology that maps your body’s curves, shapes, and size for a personalized massage.

The massaging rollers travel on an L-shaped track with four massaging nodes that work those tight muscles from the top of your back, down your spine, and all the way to your glutes. When you want the longest type of track that stays in contact with your back for as long as possible, you want an L-Track. 

The kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, and knocking techniques provided by the chair also replicate the feeling of human hands. The lumbar heat can loosen up tight muscles and the reflexology foot rollers can soothe aching feet. You’ll also find one-touch zero gravity. The Revival truly has all of the key features you want in a user-friendly massage chair.

Let’s take a closer look at those features.

Innovation Abounds

The revolutionary massage CPU in the Revival mimics the deep tissue massage you’d get from human hands and along with the eight auto programs and soothing lumbar heat, you'll experience incredible relaxation and pain relief.

Plus, the chair has been designed to take up as little room as possible and can be put just two inches away from the wall to enjoy the true zero gravity recline, which promotes circulation, putting less stress on your heart and decompressing your spine.

And of course you'll find body scanning technology that detects your curves, shape, and size and airbag compression massage for full body relief that pairs incredibly well with the L-Shaped track, which travels the full length of your spine down to your glutes for a full body massage experience.

At the bottom of the chair, you'll find Shiatsu reflexology foot rollers that soothe aching feet and calf airbags that attend to your legs. That's a great package.

For more information about the Revival, check out the product page here, or take a look at the entire family of Sharper Image massage chairs here.

If you have any questions about the chair or any of the options available on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available over the phone or through email at And don’t forget, we offer financing because we believe that everyone should be able to take home a chair that can help them find ultimate relaxation each and every day.

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