Introducing the Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair

Brookstone Mach IX Massage Chair

The state of the art Brookstone Mach IX massage chair not only looks like a technical high-end massage chair, but it has the features to back it up. This is one of the best massages you’ll get from a chair with the 4D Vario Motion rollers and advanced body scanning to customize your massage to your shape and size. You can even activate it with your voice by saying “Alexa, turn on the massage chair.” 

    Here’s an in-depth look.

    At the Speed of Innovation

    These are the most advanced 4D rollers with precise motions that have varying speed adjustments that emulate the human hands. With a wider massage area than ever before, the updated 4D Vario Motion rollers provide a more accurate massage than most massage chairs.

    But that's not all. The chair’s sensors inside the rollers and state of the art computing technology automatically detects the size, shape, and curves of your body to create a precise massage experience for your specific body type.

    The chair also uses a 54-inch long massage track that follows the natural shape of your spine. It reaches from the back of your head to your neck and shoulders and travels down the spine contouring underneath your glutes.

    You'll also find 12 automatic programs featuring six relaxing massage techniques that can pair with the Alexa Voice Control to start and stop your massage.

    Plus, you'll even get a built-in USB port and QI Charging port to keep your phone or tablet charged. Plus, if your smart device is equipped with Qi wireless charging, just set your device down to charge while your body recharges.

    Mach IX Reviews

    While the Mach IX hasn’t been around for as long as other chairs, it is already garnering some very positive reviews from several people throughout the massage chair industry.

    George J. reviewed the chair and said:

    “Awesome purchase. The chair looks like a luxury car. I haven't used all the features yet but so far it has been a great overall experience for myself and the family.”

    Nafiz said, “Great Purchase. The Mach IX is awesome. I’m fairly tall, 6’3”, and have had back issues for years. I go to a chiropractor once or twice a month. This chair takes the pain away. The stretch function is also a game-changer. While I will probably still see my Chiropractor, I won’t need to see him as often. Additionally, the foot massage hits all the right spots. The overall interface on the screen remote is terrific, easy to use and it’s pretty cool. Overall I love the look of the chair and it resonates [with] quality. The assembly wasn’t difficult, but the boxes are large. I would definitely recommend this chair.”

    JohnSU said:

    “Great so far. I would normally wait to post a review until I had used a chair for at least a couple [of] weeks but I wanted to get some info out for people before the sale ends. At the point I am writing this there is one other review that got a couple [of] things wrong. #1 There is in fact an easy way to set the position of the char even if you don’t want to start a massage. The chair has a little toggle switch on the right side next to the dial and roller controls. It could not be easier. #2 The roller (on my unit at least) does fully travel under the seat to massage the glutes.

    I really like the chair so far but will have to update after I have had a chance to go through all the programs a few times. So far I think it’s a keeper and not a bad price considering the build quality and feature set when compared to other similar chairs on the market. Hope that helps if you[’re] trying to decide before the sale price goes away.”

    Lou6524 said, “Great Chair, Easy to Use. [The c]hair looks great, nice premium feel, [the] touchscreen is easy to use with good programs and global massage programs. There is a softening pad inside the back pad that can be removed for much stronger massage and certain programs use[d] activate the knee compression which feels great especially with the heat. Best chair [I]’ve used for sure.”

    Ww7666 reviewed with:

    “4D rocks. Everything works very well. Good build quality. 4D rollers outperform my old 2D rollers. Customization features are definitely a plus. Can adjust from gentle to powerful massage without feeling painful. There are indeed no separate rollers for [the] back and buttocks and are no airbags for the thighs. The single SL-track rollers however can reach [the] buttocks.

    There are a few default seat positions that can be switched easily. For other recline positions, they can be set by choosing a program and adjust whatever angle positions for the back and feet by pressing the recline button on the tablet. If massage is not needed, can press the pause button on [the] tablet once a position is reached.

    [...]Once it is working, the speaker system sounds pretty nice. For the price I paid, my family is pretty happy with the purchase.”

    And there you have it. This unique new chair can provide you with a fantastic massage with a multitude of options at a fair price point. This Brookstone Mach IX chair comes with a host of research and development practices that have been designed to create the most relaxing experience with the upgraded 4D massage, SL-Track, and advanced body scanning. 

    For more information about the Mach IX, check out the product page here, or take a look at the introduction to the entire lineup of new Brookstone chairs here.

    If you have any questions about the chair or any of the options available on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available over the phone or through email at And don’t forget, we offer financing because we believe that everyone should be able to take home a chair that can help them find ultimate relaxation each and every day.

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